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The Leyshon brothers bonded warehouse in London Bridge masks the entrance to a secret subterranean world of gin, music hall and cobbled streets.


A bonded warehouse since 1870 the space fell into disrepair in the mid 1990’s and for 20 years was used as a dump for building materials and rubbish. Rescued in 2010 by a local business owner, for the past 2 years it has been transformed into a fully licensed Victorian themed experience.


The chilly, foggy London evening added to the atmosphere of stepping back in time.  Entrance is by membership, ticket or invite only (tickets are free but limited) and the location is a closely guard secret.  Information is e-mailed to you the week of the event along with a password which is the only way of gaining entry.  Our password for the evening was: ‘Good evening my good sir, would you help me re-bone my bustle.

Staff are dressed in Victorian costume and some assume cockney chappy or wench characters.  You are encouraged to look the part but it’s not essential.  The bar has limited drink offerings and ‘the use of Bakelite payment cards is not permitted in the 19th century. So please be sure to fill your purses and pocket books with guineas…’


The space is only around for another five months as the area is being redeveloped because of the nearby railway.  You haven’t got long to get down there for some ginger beer and spiced ale and a rousing sing around the piano.


Ticket information can be found here:


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