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What took you so long, Karl? | Chanel comes to Scotland

The Chanel Métiers d’Art catwalk show – now in its tenth year – took place earlier this week. The spectacle – described by British Vogue editor, Alexandra Schulman as “magical” on the magazine’s website – specializes in showcasing the expert craftsmanship of all the beautiful trimmings, including buttons and feathers, created by various artisans for Chanel clothing and accessories.

Chanel Metiers D'Art, Edinburgh, Linlithgow Palace, Scotland, Stella Tennant, Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel Paris, New York, London and now Edinburgh? I’m still finding it somewhat surreal wading through all these numerous articles discussing Chanel’s head designer, Karl Lagerfeld’s recent decision to host the luxury label’s annual Métiers d’Art fashion show up here in Scotland. More specifically in Linlithgow Palace which is situated just outside the Scottish capital – as this is somewhere I often used to visit on holiday as a youngster.

Then I started thinking, isn’t it about time the house of Chanel graced our icy shores? After all, we are the home of many things synonymous with the brand from fine Tweeds to the best Cashmere money can buy and even some of the label’s wool suppliers are based here such as Johnstons of Elgin. And if you are looking for anywhere with an impressive scenic backdrop, steeped in history then Scotland really is ideal; keeping in mind that Mr Lagerfeld is all about preserving Chanel’s history, with his designs rarely straying far from the Coco classics of the past. So the question remains, what did take you so long Karl?

The collection drew inspiration not only from the country which was clear to see from the frequent use of Tartan throughout, but from the style of Mary Queen of Scots, who was actually born in Linlithgow Palace. Click here to see the show.


2 comments on “What took you so long, Karl? | Chanel comes to Scotland

  1. blondekatie
    December 10, 2012

    I didn’t realise it was actually held in bonny Scotters, how nice and authentic. I’m finishing out my early 2000s Xtina style mini kilt as we speak.

  2. BellisVintage
    December 16, 2012

    Lagerfeld, not only a man with an eye for sartorialism, he is also a genius in the art of theatre. The theme of his shows brings a thoughtful, altogether more intellectual level of creativity than other couture houses. Not just a showcase for the latest designs. They are ideas partly based on fable, partly historic and takes one into a world of make-believe for adults, theatre, bejewelled pantomime. Never disturbing – like some other designers, always with the aim of the most beautiful, the most exquisite. Now mimicked by others but no-one replicates the individual excellence of Lagerfeld.

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