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‘Tis Not the Season to Forget Your Christmas Customer Service Manners

For the last few years organising the office Christmas party has fallen at my door.  Something I am more than happy to do, yet when you work in an office consisting of no more that five individuals, you would assume this would be a somewhat easy task.  Less debauchery, office politics and no weird Kevin in I.T. to try and avoid.  Sometimes it sounds like a dream.  However, this year I had what can only be described as an actual nightmare before Christmas just trying to book a simple Christmas Lunch.  One of my company’s favorite gastro-pubs, The Adam & Eve Pub in West London, where we not only entertain clients but have visited numerous times, seem to have lost all abilty to handle customer service with any dignity.  Firstly, after being told to email through a reservation, which was never answered, I then managed to finally get through on the phone (after countless calls) only to have it picked up and put back down again.  Following another attempt, I was then informed no parties under 8 would be entertained (or to quote in full ‘we just couldn’t be bothered doing it for five people’) and that despite our email being read, it hadn’t been answered.   I would just like to openly applaude the Adam & Eve on their breathtaking service, and assure them we will never be bothering them again.

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On the bright side however, my Christmas party prayers were answered by the delightful staff at Cafe Boheme in Soho, despite also having the ‘eight person rule’ are accommodating us never the less.  Having been to this darling french restaurant before, right in the heart of Soho, i would thoroughly recommend not only the food and drink, but the all important customer service too.

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