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Christmas Excess

Is it a hangover or norovirus?  Hangover, norovirus?

As you emerge from the shallows of a mulled wine induced sleep, the quandary hits.  Perhaps it could be a mixture of the two (possibly A&E worthy?), does it constitute a sick day or will your boss read between the lines and assume a raging champers headache muddled with beer nausea?


At this time of year Milk Thistle tablets pop up on work desks amidst rehydrating sports drinks and Nurofen fastmelts.  All little giveaways of a hung-over colleague masking the strain of having to be vertical and awake.

Obviously, age old advice still rings true; drink moderately, don’t do jagerbombs and stay out of rounds with hardened drinkers.  However, even with the best intention, a few too many drinks can lead to the dreaded ills of a hangover. A really bad hangover can be debilitating , I often think that if I had hangover symptoms after not drinking I’d be diagnosing all sorts of serious illnesses via the NHS direct webpages.  Luckily the one redeeming feature of a hangover is that it will go, usually before you climb into bed that same night.

Everyone is different and symptoms will vary but most people have a tried and tested method of easing a hangover.  Studies have even suggested that 25-30% may even be resistant to hangovers.  Until scientists can isolate a vaccine and combine it conveniently with the Winter flu jab, here are a collection of my favourite ‘cures.’  Obviously I can’t claim they are grounded in medical science but if they’ve worked for some, they may bring you some comfort during the Christmas binge.

Coconut water – potassium can help rehydrate you.  It has a light and refreshing taste, making it palatable after a big night on mulled wine or hearty ales.

Two boiled eggs with Marmite on toast – protein and carbohydrates are your hangover friends.

Sleep – stay in bed as long as possible unless you have to go to work, in with case get up earlier to start the healing process.  A shower, large breakfast and concealer are all good places to start.

Tea/coffee with 400% more sugar than you would normally take – might temporarily make a difference but drink alongside lots of water to remain hydrated.

Full fat Coke and 2 packets of crisps – works for my friend John….

Dry crackers/toast – If food is hard to think about, try nibbling tiny amounts of easily digestible food to stabilise blood sugar levels.

Cold shower – apparently shocks you out of a lethargic, hung-over state. I’m a wimp though and loathe to subject myself to more pain and discomfort.

Berocca – it might be a bit late to start infusing your body with vitamins but why not, it might help….

Share your hangover cures in the comments box below: 


One comment on “Christmas Excess

  1. Jo Rush
    December 20, 2012

    Full fat Coke and crisps definitely works for me (and sometimes a pre-cure cracker to re-acclimatise my stomach to food)

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