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Katy’s Favourite Things of 2012

At the risk of gaining the reputation of being Style and Then Some’s resident wet blanket, unfortunately, I have become one of those cantankerous like creatures who will be quite happy to see the back of 2012. It’s just that rather cliché scenario involving a 20-something girl graduate seeking some much needed direction in her life blabla, get the violins out etc. Having said that, it’s not all been doom and gloom readers; as this year draws to a close I still feel that I’ve many things to be thankful for.

1. First up, I’m now going to try my best to avoid being labelled a blog ‘brown noser’ as I express my gratitude to Katie Wright and the Style and Then Some team. After spending four long years at University I faced the annoying realisation that many of you may identify with; I had not studied for the career I actually wanted, which was writing. I then enrolled in a short course in Journalism at the London College of Fashion where I met Miss Wright. Like our teacher, she showed faith in my writing ability and I’ve now been a SATS contributor for the best part of a year, despite once upon a time not thinking a whole lot of the blog community, I now love it. For anyone out there reading this considering pursuing a journalism career, do not put it off like I did and get blogging!

styleandthensome, blog, style and culture blog

2. Oh look at that, it’s turned into a double parter. Style and Then Some has opened many doors for me, through the blog I have had my writing featured on the official Facebook page of the Scottish Fashion Awards with various businesses throughout the country reposting the same article. I have also got to attend various press events and even sit in the audience at London Fashion Week which has been rather exciting. It has also given me the confidence and the much needed experience to gain placements with different publications.

3. As a frequent visitor to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival – the biggest international Arts festival the world has to offer – a long-time dream of mine was to work at it and this year I finally got my chance. I became a comedy critic for a week for Scottish independent magazine, The Skinny’s website and seeing my work posted there was quite a thrill. More recently I returned to the Big Smoke to complete another placement, this time with fashion magazine, LOOK. While there, I got a real insight into the inner workings of a weekly glossy through assisting on photo shoots and even writing and researching some articles which resulted in seeing my name in print for the first time which felt rather amazing.

LOOK magazine, intern, words by Katy Spry

4. Not dissimilar from my initial blog impression, I always thought I didn’t care all that much for Weddings. However, Summer 2012 brought about the subject of one of best friend’s Wedding and much to my surprise when I was asked to be a bridesmaid, I quickly realised I had been full of shit all along and was utterly chuffed to accept her offer. There was something pretty special about being there for such a close pal and putting my seemingly useless art degree to the test by helping with the décor. I am looking forward to my next bridesmaid gig whoever it may be for…

5. Although this may sound somewhat morbid, I ask you to bear with me. I had the misfortune of losing my Grandmother earlier this year and was trying desperately to think of something I could keep that would forever remind me of her. The first thing that sprung to mind was jewellery, until I remembered a common love we both shared; never major shoe enthusiasts, myself and Grandma Prim were both handbag obsessed often finding ourselves the butt of many a family joke focusing on our overflowing bag collections. It soon clicked, and for the last few months I have been frequently using some of her favourite handbags which have been a great source of comfort, not to mention super stylish as she was quite the sharp accessorizer.

6. To conclude, here’s a brief overview of public eye goings on that I’m also very thankful for: Obama getting voted in again, the alternative didn’t bear thinking about, I’m a massive tennis and Andy Murray fan (always have been and no I didn’t jump on any bandwagons) so when he finally got his first Grand Slam title after winning the US Open I was elated, staying up til 2am to catch it live. Television wise, I am slightly ashamed to say but my new guilty pleasure is the ‘Real Housewives of New York’. Despite actually starting in 2008, this show is just as, if not more popular than it was back then and it’s pretty addictive, trashy television that I just can’t seem to switch off.



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