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Helen’s Favorite Things of 2012

Despite my desperate cries for a David Guetta shaped Christmas present under the tree last year not materialising – apparently its still illegal to kidnap famous DJs or something – 2012 turned out quite nicely thank you very much.  So here, in the spirit of our anti-Christmas wish lists, here are the things I am thankful for in 2012…

 1.  The big move.  After bleating on about how awful the commuter life is, how much I wanted to stay out all night in London rather than getting the poncy 22:30 last train back to sticksville and generally sitting around grumbling about my life, I packed up, shipped out to East London and finally became a fully fledged independent adult.  I still haven’t registered to vote or anything, but maybe that will be next year’s adult life aim.  Baby steps guys, baby steps…

Adult life means Ikea

2.  Getting published.  My one resolution this year was to try to have an article published and I not only managed to recently have a piece go up on Hellion Magazine, but will be getting my very own by line in the forthcoming third edition of the incredible Moda De La Mode magazine in 2013 (which I will be shamelessly plugging, so here is your pre-warning).

Ernest Knew...

3.  The Vagenda. The first time I read The Vagenda, I finally felt something click.  Here was a blog, and online magazine, where real women weren’t being paid to push some PR’s tat and actually had opinions (like us I like to think!). And who are FUNNY.  And thanks to them I’ve kicked my waste-of-money magazine buying habit, and in actual fact haven’t purchased the likes of Cosmo, Grazia, Company etc in months now.  And I feel hella good for it too.

The Vagenda

4.  P’Trique saved us from our Fashion Sins.  I basically found my all time favourite idol this year.  Sorry Vicky B, Cher, Beyonce & co, but there’s a new star at the top of my Christmas tree and its shaped like P’Trique (c’est Chic!) and here is why:

5.  I learned what feminism means.  Turns out you don’t actually burn your bra, not shave your arm pits and want to cut every man’s penis off.  It is just simply the ‘radical’ notion that men are equal to women.  And in today’s society, it is still mind blowing how far we still have to come to achieve equality.  I am grateful especially to Caitlin Moran, Vagenda, @EverydaySexism and the lovely Style & Then Some girls for opening my eyes and mind up to bigger, more important issues women face rather than the fluff that was flling my brain before…

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 22.09.28


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