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Dear Solange Knowles, I’m Crazy in love With You

Solange Knowles may have been on a five-year hiatus, but if that’s how long she needed to craft her long-awaited EP ‘True’, then it was sure worth the wait.  Despite being a long-life Beyonce fan, it’s immensely refreshing to see Bey’s little sister (who is only 26, mind) emerge from her older sibling’s shadow, say no the booty-shaking and power-ballad bellowing and produce an easy-listening, soul-searching and relatable EP, sans any collaboration with and ultimately not producing a generic slice of clubbing crud. 

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What’s so striking about ‘True’, is it’s surprising direction for Solange, and even with her army of girldem fans in the bag already, she’s sure to catch a few more now the EP is getting serious radio play.    With Annie Mac already championing her ‘leftish’ direction away from mainstream pop and the ‘Sucks to be You’ shadow of Beyonce, there is something ultimately riveting about listening to Salonge’s tales of heartache, which aren’t necessarily her bloke’s fault.  ‘Lovers in the Parking Lot’ spins her story of actually having missed her chance with her love, as she ‘wasn’t done having her fun’ and unfortunately regretting it later on in life.  Does this mean, shock horror, little Knowles doesn’t think all relationship problems are the man’s fault? Are womenkind allowed to say this?! (joke joke, We love you man readers, please don’t navigate away).

Track Listing:

1. Losing you

2. Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work

3.  Locked in Closets

4. Lovers in the Parking Lot

5. Don’t Let Me Down

6.  Look Good With Trouble

7.  Bad Girls (Verdine version)

Despite being released digitally on 26th November, the physical EP was released yesterday and it set to lead to the full blow out album rumoured for 2013.   With ‘True’ screaming Summer, it might be the best cure for my extremely middle class S.A.D disorder – anything to help that doesn’t involve a tanning bed or sticking my head in the light box at work.  Easy, breezy, unashamedly gorgeous, I feel like I’m cheating on Beyonce.


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