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Who can resist a man in a (Tartan) suit?

It wouldn’t be a proper fashion week without at least a hint of it; one of the key trends that kept emerging earlier this week during the London Collections: Men Autumn/Winter 2013 shows was Tartan suits, slightly distorted or otherwise. A look previously endorsed by famous faces such as Sir Paul McCartney and even hunky ‘Gossip Girl’ actor, Ed Westwick.

Patrick Grant, E.Tautz, Tartan suits, Scottish designer

Some of the labels showcasing their take on Tartan this week included Scottish fashion designer Patrick Grant for, E.Tautz, the brand often associated with royalty, Hardy Amies, never a stranger to the odd plaid parade, Vivienne Westwood and even Hackett menswear touched upon the trend.

Hardy Amies, London Collections: Mens

Hackett and Vivienne Westwood, London Collections: Men Autumn/Winter 2013

We ladies have worn it just about every way possible in recent times, but it now seems to be the boy’s turn to take over and fully embrace this forever evolving and relevant historic pattern, far beyond the world of scarves and shirts. Could we soon see these designs filter down from the catwalk to High Street giving more men around Britain the chance to possibly ditch their trusty black and navy suits in favour of a slightly more eccentic Tartan orientated ensemble by the end of the year, or is this just slightly wishful thinking?

I would hazard a guess that most of us ladies like a man in a suit. Nothing much beats a well groomed gentleman sporting a well fitted getup, but will factoring copious amounts of Tartan into the equation still have the same desirable effect? Time will tell whether or not Tartan suits will be the next big thing for men this coming autumn/winter, watch this space.


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