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Moisturising Jeans Anyone?

Due to somewhat insufficient funds on my part of late, I have had to hold off on renewing my Vogue subscription until further notice, much to my devastation. Thankfully, the magazine’s website,, has meant I no longer have to miss out on my much needed fashion-news-fix like this rather interesting report I stumbled on earlier in the week about denim brand, Wrangler’s slightly unusual impending ‘moisturising jeans’ launch.

Wrangler, moisutrising jeans, launch, Lizzie Jagger

I have always been slightly dubious about skinny jeans because of suggestions over the years which indicate that wearing them too often can be hazardous to your health. This is as a result of some ladies, and of course some men opting for smaller, far tighter sizes than they actually need in a bid to avoid that oh so unattractive wrinkly knee effect; therefore increasing the chances of restricted blood flow to the lower portion of our bodies leading to possible yeast infections (ick), sometimes lower back pain, to far more serious issues including nerve compression problems.

However, this new Wrangler offering comes only with health benefits such as minimising the appearance of cellulite and soothing sensitive skin over time, so ironically you are actually encouraged to wear this particular pair of skinny-fit jeans as often as you can. Great news for those out there who may have been put off purchasing some new ‘skinnies’ in the past due to things like the aforementioned negative stories. Also, a lot of our time is spent trying to beautify ourselves from head to toe so this does seem like a rather good way to kill two birds with one stone, moisturising on the move if you will.

You can choose from a range of three different types including Smooth legs, Aloe Vera and even Olive Extract. The process of achieving these outcomes involves spraying the denim with the appropriate skincare product, then they are dried to lock in the beneficial effects that last for over two weeks, but do not fear you can top up along the way by buying an additional spray.

Fronting this new Wrangler campaign is Elizabeth Jagger who claims in a promotional video for the upcoming skinny jeans launch that after a day of wearing them her legs “come out feeling more silky than usual.” Well she would say that wouldn’t she? Are you prepared to part with £85 to find out for yourself?

They will be available to buy on January 28th from


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