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Catwalking Cartoon | Smurfette’s First Fashion Show

Forget your Zac Posens or your Diane Von Furstenbergs; fast becoming the most eagerly anticipated show at New York Fashion Week later this month is one all about everyone’s favourite Smurf, the itsy-bitsy blue beauty, Smurfette.

Smurfette, clothing, New York Fashion Week

Beloved lady cartoons are no strangers to the mainstream fashion scene, last year it was all about Miss Minnie Mouse at London Fashion Week with designers such as Giles Deacon, Richard Nicoll and Lulu Guinness creating dresses and accessories in homage to this particular Disney favourite. However now it’s arguably the most attractive Smurf, Smurfette’s turn to steal the stylish limelight.

To coincide with the upcoming movie release of ‘The Smurfs 2’, the clothing company, Junk Food Art House, along with creative minds from lady’s online lifestyle magazine and Sony Pictures Animation are launching an entire collection inspired by the cartoon character. Entitled ‘Le Look Smurfette’, the range is set to be a quirky yet very wearable, updated take on the Smurfette look of days gone with nothing overtly ridiculous.

Some may view this recent development as slightly childish but if you think about it, as young‘uns these fictional females were arguably our first introduction to the world of individual style and how fashion can set someone apart from the crowd through channelling one’s personality into their outfit. Therefore it makes sense to celebrate iconic cartoon characters and their equally iconic ensembles.

Showcasing at New York Fashion Week on February 13th, ‘Le Look Smurfette’ will eventually be stocked in various department stores including Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and Selfridges.


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