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How to get over a wedding blog addiction*

In the process of planning my wedding last year I got a teensy weensy bit (okay, very) addicted to wedding blogs. This culminated in my own wedding actually being featured on the beautiful wedding blog, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, which has a nice neat and tidy end of a rom-com feel to it. (Except my life isn’t ending, it’s only just beginning, but let’s just call this next part the sequel.)

So, because I never shared any photos or words of wisdom with you as I promised I would, I will point you in the direction of the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings post for wisdom, and share this soppy wedding video for a dose of the lovey dovey cutesy stuff in the place of photos.

(What you may or may not be able to tell from the video is how bloody nervous I was when I was walking up the aisle, how dry my mouth was, how I was kind of awkwardly shy about looking at the man I was about to marry all of a sudden, and that funny awkward moment when I looked at my big sister and gave her my bouquet and I wanted to grab her and whisper ‘Help, tell me what to do, everyone is staring at me!’)

This piece from xojane basically sums up a lot of how being engaged feels some of the time (which isn’t a permanent state of bliss as many people expect, unfortunately). I think it’s probably one of the weirdest, most unsettled times of your life, and it’s very hard to feel like you’re really communicating everything properly to your friends and family. Probably because you’re doing a whole lot of processing and you’re about to do something pretty big and life changing. So people with engaged friends, remember: your friend is probably just as weirded out as you are, isn’t becoming a completely different person overnight, and is probably feeling very overwhelmed and needs your support. Engaged people, remember: just because you’re not lounging in a picturesque field having a picnic and staring adoringly at your loved one without a care in the world 100% of the time, doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed and you should break off the engagement. Being engaged is just like the rest of life, with its ups and downs, and a learning to cope with stress and tension in your engagement will help you learn how to weather the storms in your marriage.**

Some great wedding blogs to fuel my addiction and start yours:

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

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Wedding Chicks

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The Pretty Blog

The Sweetest Occasion

Green Wedding Shoes

Grey Likes Weddings

Flights of Fancy


The Perfect Palette

Also, the lovely Janet Sahm of Verily magazine wrote this piece with some more suggestions for online wedding related reading. Enjoy!

colour palettes, Clueless, Cher's wardrobe

Oh, how I love colour palettes. If only I had a computer that could generate them instantly for me every day as I get dressed, kind of like a modern version of Cher’s wardrobe computer in Clueless

* I lied. This post isn’t about getting over a wedding blog addiction at all, it’s ENABLING my wedding blog addiction and encouraging you to develop one, too. Sorry.

** I do realise the apparent contradiction in my message here. Reading wedding blogs will make you form an idealised version of events in your mind and you will feel disappointed when the dream doesn’t match the reality, right? Wrong. Reading fairy tales does not mean that you can’t differentiate between reality and allegory, or that you automatically start thinking that every heroine’s hair has to shine like gold sparkling on a summer’s day (or something) all the time.

PS Shameless, I know, but I’m selling some of my wedding things on if you’re interested – recycling for the win!


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One comment on “How to get over a wedding blog addiction*

  1. blondekatie
    February 5, 2013

    Awww Sophie the video is gorgeous! I’m so happy you posted it here for us to see xx

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