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Flight Fancies

Right, don’t hate on me but I may or may not be activating my out-of-office in the next few days with a subtly self-satisfied message containing the phrases ‘Barbados’ and ‘absolutely no access to emails’ and ‘ask someone else.’  I know, I know eeeurgh, it’s awful listening to smug ‘winter sun’ bleatings at this arduous time of year .  My colleagues have near-imposed a swear jar every time the ‘B’ word is uttered.  I’ve been counting down the seconds since about September and have therefore had quite a long time to think through my packing strategy.

Luckily packing for warmer climes equates to slinging some bikinis, maxi dresses and flip-flops into a very amenably-sized travel case.  However my hand luggage is where the real thought has gone.  Considering I used to live in Australia and endured numerous lengthy flights I’m still a bit panicked and ill-prepared when selecting what goes in the hold versus overhead locker.

Does one dress like a monied jetsetter in the hope of an upgrade or go comfy-chav and enjoy the comforting stretch of a waistband and the snuggliness of a gym hoody?  I know, the dilemma.  I’m not that patient so an extended period of sitting in, what is essentially a train seat, whilst my contacts dry out and my immune system takes a battering from the germ filled cabin air, means I quite want to be comfortable for duration.    I’ve become a tiny bit obsessed with Lisa Eldridge tutorial videos and the long haul flight beauty tips are an insightful watch (I already feel bad for the poor person next to me).  Along with her tips and tricks I’ve compiled my own list of items which I’m hoping will make the flight more comfortable. 

Emergen- C sachets to add to the giant water bottles I fully intend to consume in their entirety to combat dehydration.  The handy sachets contain a vitamin supplement mix which has vitamin C and vitamin B, electrolytes, nutrients, and antioxidants. Berocca or other dissolvable vitamins probably do the same trick.  At the very least they make the 2 litres of water taste nicer.


Perhaps not an obvious choice but  I’m not keen on face wipes so if I’m planning a mid-flight face wash, a clean fluffy towel would add some first class characteristics to my economy grade flight. If I could, I’d bring a double-soft robe and some spa slippers so I’m exercising restraint with just the travel towel.

Travel towel

My new favourite French pharmacy brand Avene do an amazing skin smoother, clearing existing and would-be spots along with acne marks and uneven skin.  Layer with an extra rich moisturiser to keep hydrated.


As advised by my new pal Lisa, pay attention to areas that may not normally get a full attention in your daily beauty routine.  Spritz hair with a leave in conditioner and tie in a bun to absorb and spend some time colouring in your fingertips with this clever cuticle oil pen.  I’m not suggesting a full nail clip and 3-coat varnish, we’re not aiming to completely ruin the flight of neighbouring passengers.

cuticle pen

I also take some healthy snacks to appease boredom (as I said patience is not a strength) and I often can’t face eating the square-shaped ‘chicken’ or plasticky sponge cake.

You don’t have to be embarking on a long haul flight, some of these packing tips apply to a long train journey or a mini break.

Is there anything I’ve forgotten?


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