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The Diet Diaries | this is the most un-fun thing ever

To all those dieting out there and hating every second of it, Dear God I feel your pain. As you suffer, I suffer with you but together, we will (maybe, possibly, hopefully) make it through. After all, Summer is still a good few months away which means plenty of time to prepare for swimsuit season. Apparently it will all be worth it in the end…

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Time I used to spend eating is now consumed with idle thoughts and general grievances of mine, at the top of the list; I may scream if one more person presents me with their teeny tiny tummy pouch and then exclaims to the room how enormous they are. You see, I made the foolish mistake of thinking junk food was my friend and unfortunately it has landed me in a less than ideal situation where I am now in possession of  a rather rotund silhouette. Team this with the fact I have never been a major fan of exercise, it’s safe to say I haven’t really helped myself, until now that is.

Another thing I’m not too crazy about lately are people waxing lyrical about some miracle diet they just discovered that’s just so darned easy once they got into it. Well this may be the case for some but I feel as though I’ve tried every single diet out there, thoroughly despising each one and this time is no different. Letting my mind wander is a seriously dangerous past time recently as it leads to ideas such as cheating, chips and not forgetting chocolate. For instance all I seem to want to do these days is stick my face in a bucket of Nutella then have some chips for dessert.

The moral of this story – Two weeks out your life is not very much is it? Well in this short space of time through sheer dedication, no alcohol, light exercise, eating well and not so often, I have already lost over half a stone. It has been painful but extremely worth it and if I can do it and stick to it despite my crazy cravings that refuse to desist then I wholeheartedly believe pretty much anyone can. So it’s Ryvitas all round and here’s to a slimmer 2013.


5 comments on “The Diet Diaries | this is the most un-fun thing ever

  1. blondekatie
    February 8, 2013

    Well blooming done Katy S, more than half a stone in a month is amazing. Keep at it!

    Also, thanks for the excellent mental image of you with your face in a bucket of nutella. Lollllz.

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  3. patinaandcompany
    February 17, 2013

    Awww, c’mon; think positive! You are doing it. I’d be so happy losing that much! There is so much good food that isn’t fattening, I sometimes wonder why we think it’s so difficult to diet. I guess it’s that we seem to focus on the things we can’t eat instead of the ones we can!

  4. katyspry
    February 17, 2013

    Haha thank you! Oh my god I really do hate it though and I am definitely one of those people who does NOT find it easy! It’s been a month of torcher but the results are finally showing making me realise how worth it everything has been. I still want that bucket of Nutella though…

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