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At last! My blazer collection is complete

With the recent acquisition of a black one-button blazer from Next, I can now rest easy, knowing I have a blazer for every day of the week.

I only got into blazers (or tailored jackets or suit jackets or whatever else you want to call them) relatively recently. My first purchase (aside from an ill-fitting black Primark number that I only ever wore to job interviews five years ago) was a beautiful slim-cut burgundy blazer from Zara. At £59.99, it was a fair bit more than I usually spend on a single item of clothing, but it was a dead ringer for one I’d seen on the Gucci menswear catwalk, and it got me snapped at London Fashion Week a lot, so there was that.

My first blazer

That was in September 2011. Since then I’ve been gradually building up my blazer arsenal. On a fashion blogger event shopping spree at Forever 21 I picked up two of the same style in white and royal blue, plus a little cropped beige jacket that’s very useful in the summer. Last year, I got what would become my most ubiquitous blazer, a slightly tuxedo-style black button-less jacket that caught my eye when Kate Moss modelled it on the side of a bus for Mango.

The complete collection

As useful as that Mango jacket was, I couldn’t help but feel there was a black hole in my blazer battalion. This month, however, I filled that hole, with this little beauty:

My latest acquisition

I had a Next gift voucher to use* and chose this jacket (£35) from their Tailored range. While I wasn’t particularly excited about it at the time of purchase, within a week this had become my Most Very Favourite Blazer (a coveted title amongst my garments, to be sure) and I’ve worn it so many times since I’ve lost count. It’s a great sharp cut, slightly oversized (but not so much that it could be tarnished with that over-used ‘boyfriend’ moniker) and a classic one-button, three-pocket style. It’s also a nice mid-weight fabric – thick enough to wear with a check flannel shirt in winter or a boat neck t-shirt in summer. Quite frankly, I love it, and I’m not sure how I got dressed for work without it. Well, actually, I do: I picked one of my many other blazers. But right now, this one’s my fave.

Next black jacket Next black blazer spring 2013

*full disclosure: I was sent a Next gift voucher by a PR, to use in exchange for a review of a product.


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