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Get Your Asteroid Rocks Off Honey, Only Child is Crashing on to the London Scene

You may have noticed, if you are an avid reader of our dear blog, that I tend to post about jewellery a lot.  A lorra lot.  I am a magpie for anything shiny, distracting and out of the ordinary.  Give me unusal trinkets, roped bracelets, statement necklaces – anything to catch another magpie’s eye.  So when I heard about the brand new debut collection from Only Child, which isn’t just ‘out of this world’ (you’ll get that pun in a minute), but they used a PUG to model for them, I had to check it out and contact the brand’s founder Kelly Jackson to pick her brains:

Only Child London Only Child jewellery London Only Child Asteroid rings Asteroid Ring

Firstly Kelly, how did you come up with the name ‘Only Child’?

The name Only Child came about as, probably quite obviously, I am an only child but also it seemed to make sense with the general brand I wanted to build as it has an undertone of eccentricity and individuality.

Launching a jewellery range must be quite a daunting experience.  How did you come to find yourself launching a jewellery collection, and what is your main source of inspiration?

I started making my own jewellery a few years ago as I’ve always been completely obsessed with it, I’ve worked for other designers and as a stylist for the last few years and it felt like the right time to design my own collection. I’m inspired by conspiracies, the unexplained, the extraordinary…the first collection is definitely reflective of that.

Your designs are completely up my street, as I love anything a tad out of the ordinary.  Do you feel this is burgeoning market?

I think a lot of people love something a bit unusual, I know I do. Convention is boring, especially when it comes to fashion.

As a jewellery fan yourself, who are your favourite jewellery designers currently on the market?

There are loads of jewellery designers that I think are great, Solange Azagury Partridge has got to be an all time favourite for the expensive stuff. I’ve been mad for skulls for as long as I can remember and there’s nowhere better than The Great Frog for statement skull rings, I’ve been wearing one pretty much every day for the last 5 or 6 years.

Lastly, how did you end up using the adorable pug in your shoot? (I’m so glad you did, I’m obsessed), and is he yours? And what is his name/can I have him?!

The pug’s name is Jeffrey, he belongs to two of my best friends and he is AMAZING! Since they got him a couple of months ago his facial expression has made me laugh so I thought he’d be an awesome model and he definitely was!

Only Child London Only Child jewellery London Only Child pug jeffery

Only Child London Only Child jewellery London Only Child pug jeffery

Only Child is available to purchase online here.  Why not follow the brand on Facey, Twitter and Instagram too if you are a fan like me.  If you’re not a fan…then we can’t be friends.

From Friday 1st March to Sunday 3rd March Only Child will be ‘popping’ up at Boxpark, Shoreditch and even more new items will be added to the collection.  Look forward to seeing you all drooling over the jewels then!


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