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The Diet Diaries 2 | Maybe being fat wasn’t so bad after all

Last week I documented my diet struggle (oh woe is me) and this week is no different, however get ready for a far more positive spin on the whole situation I know many ladies out there can only empathise with, and some gents.

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With London Fashion Week AW13 now well under way I have already found myself being bombarded with image after image of beautiful models and their equally beautiful figures (minus those of the more skeletal variety), not to mention all the gorgeous clothes already on show; so yet another incentive to say NO to cheese burgers etc. as I sob into my celery stick stash.

When you are on any kind of super strict diet it can feel as through you are depriving yourself of any sort of enjoyable foods and things can get pretty boring, pretty fast. The thing is though, you can’t deprive yourself of the finer things in life forever can you, so what the hell happens next?

On T.V lately there appears to be several diet programs advertised that deliver specially made healthy meals to your door, sounds ideal doesn’t it? However, if like me, you’re a rather picky eater and this option is slightly out of reach due to the expense then maybe it’s time to start taking matters into your own hands.

For example, I have recently compiled a list of all the foods I actually enjoy that are healthy and far less calorific, which I assumed would be few and far between, but more often than not, chances are there will be more then you thought. Then categorized said food list into meal appropriate sections (e.g. natural yoghurt – breakfast, possibly dessert) and with the help of my new best friend Google, mixed in with a bit of creativity, I came up with several easy recipes resulting in a far less fatty daily food intake and voila, my very own DIY diet. One that does not make you contemplate jumping off a cliff all because you ate two chocolates from that box of Valentine’s Milk Tray you promised you wouldn’t. Just an idea…

I must stress to you all that I’m no dietitian and that you should really consult your Doctor before undertaking any kind of drastic change to your diet.


2 comments on “The Diet Diaries 2 | Maybe being fat wasn’t so bad after all

  1. sophiecha
    February 15, 2013

    What kinds of meal ideas you got? I too am picky and poor

  2. katyspry
    February 15, 2013

    Hey Sophie! Sorry I didn’t list any specifics it’s just because food I like someone else may hate. I just googled recipes that included the specific veg, meat or fruit (not together) that I liked and then tailored it to my liking, for instance just removing the unhealthy ingredients that I didn’t feel I needed.
    All I seemed to eat before was bread, cheese, chocolate so I’m being very strict and boring with my diet, no indulgences, so none of these things are allowed at the moment, not even on occasion which some people couldn’t stand but for my personal health I felt I should for a while to give healthier alternatives more of a chance. However I plan to soon relax my regime a tad with this idea. One example, I like mushroom omelettes but won’t add cheese anymore, I love fish so something like tuna salad minus the mayo, once again with just the veg I like and a balsamic vinegar dressing. Instead of sugary cereal and an equally sugary fruit drink, natural yog and strawbs or bananas and a homemade smoothie which can be either a breakfast or dessert idea. Sweet potato and low fat cottage cheese I’ve heard good things about, it’s very tasty and far better for you than a baked potato with cheese smothered in butter (I salivate at the mere thought), but like I said It really depends what you like, everyone is different.
    Really simple stuff because I’m the worst cook in the world. May even upgrade soon to having a few squares of dark chocolate in place of a mars bar who knows…

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