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Fendi AW13 | The fur debate

I wish someone would let Karl Lagerfeld know that being in possession of an unmitigated artistic genius does not give one license to be obnoxious. In recent years his ability to ruffle a few feathers has at times eclipsed his reputation as one of the world’s most relevant, leading innovative designers.

Fendi AW13, Milan Fashion Week, real fur, Karl Lagerfeld

Do not get me wrong I am actually a huge fan of Karl Lagerfeld’s work, but that somewhat hostile introduction was in relation to his latest Fendi show at Milan Fashion Week yesterday which involved copious amounts of real fur, including fur head-pieces. Not only that, spectators were greeted with the show’s controversial tagline on each chair – “Fendi is fur! Fur is Fendi!”

Obviously many designers around the globe still choose to use real fur in their collections, however I cannot help but feel this in-your-face unapologetic delivery was quite distasteful. With Lagerfeld’s immense talent and foresight – not to mention the vast wealth at his disposal; the owners of Fendi , LVMH, saw record profits last year – was there really no alternative available to him in order to achieve his desired effect?

Anyone who at this point feels the ‘faux fur doesn’t look as good’ argument applies here, please weigh that up with animals being killed for what is essentially a short show and needless Western indulgence.  Once upon a time people wore fur for the sole purpose of keeping warm so they would not die, we do not face this predicament anymore.


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