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Sport-Luxe Trend

The sport luxe trend has been prevalent for a few seasons (no doubt reignited by the Olympic flames) and was born to worn in Spring.  The easy, semi-fitted nature of sporty separates make them versatile and low-maintenance wardrobe pieces.  After a loooong winter of heavy knits, fur-lined boots and thermal headwear, the thought of effortless, nimbler clothing is something I’m poised ready to embrace when the biting temperatures cease.

Despite the casual, comfy  demeanour, don’t be fooled by the informal-looking fabrics and looser silhouettes, the ‘luxe’ portion means the trend is ideal for work and weekends alike.  As we’ve seen previously the slummy track pant yet again gets an upgrade (if only to premium economy) with heels and blazer companions.  The smarter tapered shapes won’t necessarily facilitate streamlined  jogging motions but then they’re not actually being worn to the gym. 

A lot of sport-luxe pieces are humble sweaters and vests masquerading under luxury cashmere and silk blends.  The idea is to elevate utilitarian, ‘everyday’ clothing into chicer, posher versions of themselves.  You don’t have to go out and overhaul your wardrobe to adopt this trend, try adding heels to jersey or slouchy dresses or  wear a light sweatshirt under an elegant blazer.  Languid, soft fabrics such as modal and fine-knit wool are inexpensive and create refined finishes without the dry-cleaning bill.

ASOS Collarless Blazer:

ASOS Collarless Blazer

Whistles Margo Sporty Sweat Skirt:

Margo Sporty Sweat Skirt

Banjo & Matilda Sea Pant:


Uniqlo Men’s Sweatshirt:

Uniqlo Men's Sweatshirt

NW3 Wax Parka:

NW3 Waxed Jacket

Designers to check out:  The Row, Kain, Alexander Wang.


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