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A Healthy Way to 5-a-Day and Where to get You’re Jiggle Fix in London

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013 was to eat better and get fit.  BORING I KNOW.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t already tried this, and failed by the second week (at the sight of a crème egg) for the last four years running either.  But after a few nasty bouts of tonsillitis, colds, flu etc towards the tail end of last year I decided I was not going to let the London germies win this war.  It is my body after all.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with general food tips as everyone is different, but I did come across an app that I think has, somewhat embarrassingly, really helped me.  I say embarrassing as it looks like a children’s game, with farm-yard noises to boot (yes, you do have to remember to put your phone on silent when in public, as it WILL MOO AT YOU).

The Munch 5-a-day app itself is completely free, and all it does is log how many fruits and vegetable portions you consume in a day.  The big wigs in Government say this should be a minimum of 5 whereas other countries recommend 10, but for someone with an aversion to both substances I found just aiming for 5 then increasing as I went along really helped.  It also gives you handy tips and when you reach a certain level of consumed goodness you even win broccoli points (yay!)

munch 5 app healthy eating apps best healthy eating app food apps best british food apps how to eat healthy app

munch 5 app healthy eating apps best healthy eating app food apps best british food apps how to eat healthy app

However, we all know exercise is also crucial blah blah blah.  I’ve joined several gyms over the years and enjoy the odd exercise session, but since moving to London I haven’t really found anything to fit in with my busy schedule.  So when my manager suggested joining the Good Vibes gym class programme in Fitzrovia I was a little intrigued. Good Vibes aren’t a gym per se.  They provide you with either 30 minute Power plates classes (them machines where you go all jiggly on vibrate) or a 30-45 min spinning class.  They offer a £30 for 3o days introductory offer – I am currently 2 weeks into it and can honestly say I feel ten times better than before already.  Both classes are run by exceptional instructors, and although I’m yet to morph in to a Victoria’s Secret model, I am really enjoying being pushed to my max for the first time.  I am planning on blogging more about this when my intro offer ends and I wake up as Miranda Kerr’s twin, but I would recommend to anyone in the Fitzrovia or Covent Garden area to check out this offer and take full advantage.

Munch 5 App is free and available to download from the iTunes app store.


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