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Time is money, people! 5 tips to turn you into an expert multitasker

Everyone is always complaining of lack of time, too few hours in the day, not enough days in the week. It can feel like days and weeks whip by in a flash, especially in winter.  I find by the time I get home, change into obligatory ‘loungewear’ (ok, PJs), feed Mittens and begin to ponder my own meal, it’s often long  after 8pm.


Being quite an impatient character, I hate wasting time and am constantly looking for ways to save time, multitask and claw back some time to do er….more tasks.  However this is a not a mantra I wish to continue to live by and living in the moment and not triple booking weekends are perhaps better ways to manage time.  Whilst I aim toward this less stressful way of life, I’ve compiled a list of ways I save time and avoid last minutes bouts of panic or perpetual lateness:

1. Gift wrap at checkout – when buying presents online always click yes to a  gift wrap, even if it seems a bit pricey.  They’ll obviously do a better job than you and it’s easy to overlook the fact  that you don’t own  ribbons, bows and wrapping paper, in fact I’m not sure I could even muster some sellotape on demand.

2. Get tickets emailed or posted – the collection option may seem simple enough but with queues and/or obscure collection locations mean you’ll wish you just had them to hand.

3. Use travel apps to get you around –  instead of chancing the bus times (they never actually coincide with the prescribed timetable) use the Bus Countdown app to see when exactly the next bus is due, especially brilliant when attempting to stay warm at home until the last possible second.  The Tube Map App is also great at journey planning whilst The Train Line outlines over-ground options.

Bus Countdown

4. Next time you’re in Paperhase panic buying a last-minute birthday card, get a few –  just a handful pretty ones to see you through the next few months of birthdays that seem to creep up.  Alternatively, sign up to personalised greeting card websites who not only print and post but also offer a date reminder service so you get a flag when a birthday is around the corner.  I’ve gone all grown up and store addresses in my phone to (mostly) avoid the pre-birthday tell-tale ‘what’s your address’ texts.

5. Master the art of the multitask – my friend admits to cleaning the shower whilst in it himself and more impressively another, who’s just given birth, can feed the sproglet whilst applying make-up single handily. I’m not saying never sit down and do nothing as that is, at times, quite an important task but to allow more downtime, make the most of your active-time.  For example, I wrote this post whilst at work….see, multitasking.


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