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Hating on Hath? The Anti-Anne Rampage Needs to Stop

I may have been blogging on Goats too much in the recent past to have noticed the ridiculous hate campaign that’s been demonising Anne Hathaway through social media and online press.  I caught up on this yesterday after reading about it in Look magazine (I was on a very long train journey and left my headphones at home, okay?).  But seriously, WTF world?  Where has this come from?  Last time I checked Hathaway hadn’t murdered anyone, committed any crime worthy of an international hate campaign or have psychologists analysis the shape of her face and conclude the following:

    “When times are good, we prefer actresses with rounder faces,” psychology professor Terry Pettijohn says. “They convey these ideas of fun and youth.” But Hathaway’s face is bony and slender! “As the economy improves, Hathaway—whose peak of fame, post-boyfriend, pre–Oscar hosting, came amid the 2008 crash—may just be a reminder of bad times.”  (Courtesy of the Daily Beast).

Anne Hathaway Oscars Anne Hathaway haters Anne Hathaway oscars 2013 Anne Hatherhaters Anne Hathaway Lena Dunham Anne hathaway short hair gorgeous Anne Hathaway sweeping fringe Anne hathaway bangs

So we are to go on an anti-Anne rampage because her FACE reminds us of the recession?   Apparently Anne just doesn’t have the ‘likeability’ factor anymore either?  Well, I don’t really get this either when she’s just landed an Oscar and in my eye, and scored the best damn short cut money can buy.  At least Lena Dunham (guardian angel and Style & Then Some heroine ((I’m working on my Hey Arnold! Helga inspired Shrine to her as we speak)) stood up for The Hath on Twitter:

Anne Hathaway Oscars Anne Hathaway haters Anne Hathaway oscars 2013 Anne Hatherhaters Anne Hathaway Lena Dunham

Sometimes, like right now to be precise, I have little faith in the intellect of the human species as a whole.  Don’t make me go all ‘Leave Britney Anne alone’ again.


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2 comments on “Hating on Hath? The Anti-Anne Rampage Needs to Stop

  1. blondekatie
    March 11, 2013

    I have to admit I dislike Anne Hathaway, but not because of her face. It’s because of her awful, supposedly off the cuff but obviously painstakingly rehearsed awards acceptance speeches, the pinnacle of which was at the Golden Globes. It strikes me that since she prepared so hard for her speeches, she clearly presumed she was going to win, which makes all her shock and surprise look completely fake. While I disagree with hating someone for no reason, I think disliking someone because they seem contrived and falsely modest is fair enough. Plus, I can’t STAND musicals. Devil Wears Prada is still great though.

  2. Helen Coakley
    March 13, 2013

    Fair points. I just see most acceptance speeches as ridiculously rehearsed anyway. Accept this one…this has to be the best acceptance speech of all time…

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