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Sexism in the media | Give us a break

This time last week Style and Then Some was celebrating International Women’s Day, a day which highlights the hardships still faced by many women around the world. It got me thinking about something that really ‘grinds my gears’ – the issue of sexism in the media and the completely unrealistic standards females are expected to live up to.

Sexism in the media, Kim Kardashian, pregnancy, maternity wear

Allow me to make one thing abundantly clear before you read on – despite her current status as one of the most photographed and talked about women in the world, I am not a big Kim Kardashian fan. Having cleared up this potential misconception, I can now reveal that she is however, the subject of this particular post after being the victim of a rather sexist attack in the media earlier this week which reflects the aforementioned unfair attitudes towards women in society today.

One of the headlines in question read, ‘Hardest working zip in showbusiness!’ Referring to Miss Kardashian’s choice of skirt that day, which according to internet gossip columnists, struggled to contain the reality television star’s pregnant belly and slightly bigger than usual behind. First of all – keeping in mind this is a woman who apparently just got told to relax her exercise regime after a miscarriage scare recently – how incredibly offensive, not just to her, but to pretty much every single woman in the world that has been pregnant at some point or has plans to be.

As if carrying a child isn’t stressful enough and extremely uncomfortable at times (then there’s the whole going-into-labour-fiasco to look forward to), it’s thanks to stories like this us women are once again put in our place and reminded that if we ever become pregnant, we might get bigger, most likely everyone will notice, and it’s just not good enough.

Note to the journalist who wrote this piece – whether you are male or female (it doesn’t say strangely enough) – when someone has another human growing inside of them, through no fault of their own, they will probably put on a bit of weight and clothing can become a hassle. This is not rocket science, it happens all the time and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


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