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It’s all Nineties Fun and Games Now, But What Happens When it’s the Noughties Turn?

They say fashions make a comeback every twenty years, so for many people (myself included) this is the first time I can honestly say ‘Hey! I had the ORIGINAL Adidas triple stripe sweat pants, and they did not look good.’  As Calvin Harris famously sang, ‘If you were born in the eighties’ or early nineties for that matter, there is no escaping the fact that nineties inspired fashions are currently the ‘in’ thing and you WILL be transported back to your die-hard Spice Girls fan days.  Been down to Shoreditch of late?  That place is nothing short of a buzzing 90s microcosm breeding crop tops, oversized denim jackets and fluoro dip dye jobs.  And while it is fun to reminisce, and appreciate that the powers that be have thankfully selected some of the ‘crème de la crème’ of nineties chic and taken inspiration from much of my beloved childhood films (Seen WildFox Couture’s SS13 look book lately?  Hello Cher Horowitz!), some it of it truly makes me cringe.  Kappa jackets anyone?  Leopard print bras and ten-inch white platforms guys?  Thanks Spicies, but lets leave some of it in the fashion time capsule for another twenty years.

Cher Horowitz style icon cher Clueless cher nineties Cher Clueless fashion 2013

Nineties trend spice girls Spice Girls fashion nineties Fashion Spice Girls Spice Girls Leopard Print Mel B

While I can deal with the majority of ‘nineties-chicness’ and subconsciously channeling my inner Romy or Michelle for ‘fashspiration’, I have started to ever so slightly panic about what will happen next.  What happens when the nineties evolves to the Noughties?  After discussing this in panicked voices with a friend recently, we were at a loss as to what could possibly be made fashionable again?  Is it because the 20 year magic cycle isn’t upon us just yet? Can we not see through the mythical trend smog?  Help us Fashion Gods, we pleaded. Surely the peasant skirt with matching metallic disc belt has been banished to Hyades forever?

And then I saw an episode of ‘Date My Mate’, and every conceivable, horrific crime against fashion came flooding back in to my memory.  If you are ever after a good fashion-inspired drinking game, I insist you download the Date my Mate (yes, a low-budget street date style Trouble catastrophe)  back catalogue and shot your drink every time you spot something that used to hang in your wardrobe, which you have since blackened out from memory.  These may include, and not limited to the following:

Scarf belts



Punky Fish

Pedal pushers

Baggy combats with the noticeable G String poking out

Backless trainers

Baby G watches

Yes, we have absolutely nothing to look forward to. 

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