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The relationship between celebrity and fashion | as strong as ever

From high end to high street, reports this week indicated brands such as Mulbery and H and M have suffered sales slumps of late, once again making it clear no fashion company is safe. Mulberry is yet to reveal their plan of action, but Swedish retail giants, H and M have done what any clothing label worth their salt would do in this situation; roped in a familiar face (Beyonce Knowles anyone?). The undisputed power of the celebrity fashion endorsement deal strikes again.

Beyonce, H and M, Summer 2013 campaign

In other news, this week saw the launch of women’s clothing label Issa’s first ever store in Japan. A contributing factor to this recent development will no doubt have been due to the fact Issa saw stratospheric surges in their sales a few years back after Kate Middleton famously wore one of their blue silk dresses to announce her engagement to Prince William.

Onto the other Kate whose name is synonymous with iconic style. A matter of days ago Arcadia owner, Sir Phillip Green announced that he would not rule out another Kate Moss, Topshop collaboration. Not exactly a shocking revelation considering the success of her previous Topshop offerings.

The legendary fashion model seems to be the go-to-girl for pulling in much needed crowds. This week alone saw Miss Moss fronting a new campaign for the relaunch of – defunct until recently – Motorcycle clothing brand, Matchless. She even found time to design a sushi box for the ‘Sushi Shop’, to coincide with the opening of the French food chain’s first ever British store next month.

Images of the latest hot celebrity, whether in a magazine or on the side of bus is a far more ubiquitous sight than ever before, it seems like everyday there is a new collaboration of some sort. So what is it about these celebs and their style that we all still just can’t get enough of?


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