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Great One Piece Swimsuits On The High Street

If like myself, you too weren’t lucky enough to escape to sunnier climes this Easter it does not mean we can’t get excited about all the great high street swimwear in the shops at the moment. After all, summer is just around the corner apparently.

Due to the distinct lack of any proper spring weather (you may have noticed), I have actually taken to frequently googling sunny luxury destinations such as Hawaii and the Seychelles and then looking at plane ticket and hotel prices pretending I can afford them. Sad isn’t it? However, I recently rediscovered a far more proactive and cost effective way to indulge in some brief escapism that is much closer to home.

After a five year hiatus I took the plunge, quite literally, and headed to my local swimming pool for a nice leisurely dip (none of this fast lane at the gym nonsense) and sauna session in a bid to kid myself I was on holiday for an hour or two. Once again, how sad, but effective as my spirits were instantly lifted. Not the most bikini friendly environment – what with several small children splashing about at the other end of the pool – it got me thinking about stylish yet comfortable and relatively discreet one piece alternatives available on the high street that also wouldn’t look out of place on holiday.

After an extensive internet search I realised there is a fantastic and flattering swimming costume selection out there to choose from for us ladies whose figure leans towards the more curvier end of the spectrum and who would like options other than black. Here are my top 5 finds:

 ASOS, swimwear, swimming costume

Seafolly shimmer bandeau swimsuit £91

ASOS, ladies swimwear, swimming costumes

ASOS spot tie front swimsuit £25 (ties around the neck too), Resort halter, swimwear, swimming costume Resort halter £25 (comes in black too)

Debenhams Beach Collection, swimwear, swimming costumes

Debenhams Beach Collection, Blue figure flattering seagull print £22

Florence and Fred Tesco, F and F, wimwear, swimming costume

Florence and Fred Tesco Moulded cup swimsuit £14


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