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Can I interest you in a onesie that makes it look like you’re being groped by an invisible pair of hands?

Ah, the onesie. The all-in-one loungewear garment that really shouldn’t – in my opinion – be seen outside of a lounge.

Beloved of hen party-goers, The Only Way is Essex-ers, One Direction and other social groups of questionable taste the world over, the rise of the so-called adult romper has been chronicled in the papers at length over the last couple of years. Research in January this year claimed one in eight people own a onesie, but a poll out this week conducted by Johnson’s Cleaners named the onesie, or more precisely the ‘man-gro,’ as the number one style faux-pas for men. But whether you’re a onesie lover or hater, you’ve got to admit they look pretty darn comfy.

Onesies Direction One Direction in onesies 2013 One Direction wearing onesies 2013 photo of One Direction wearing onesies 2013 One Direction photos 2013

Personally, I don’t own one and I certainly wouldn’t wear one outdoors (apart from maybe if it was animal fancy dress, because who doesn’t love pretending they’re a panda?) but they do look like the ideal Sunday slob-out uniform. The comfort of a onesie isn’t in question if you ask me, but, in this instance, the design sure is: can anyone explain to me why this onesie has two hand prints right over the area usually inhabited by ones mammaries?

The Aura Hand Print Onesie women's Onesie girls Onesie adult Onesie romper suit man-gro sales of onesies up increase sales of onesies all in one sleepsuit

The women’s Aura Hand Print Onesie, which is available in five colours from Missguided, is fleece-lined and described on the site as ‘seriously cool’ with a ‘cheeky hand print design.’ But that doesn’t explain why the hand prints are there does it? Is it meant to be a whimsical tromp l’eouil effect? Are they meant to be conducive to breast fondling? Or are they a subtle but poignant commentary on the commodification of women’s bodies in the media?

I jest, obviously, but something about this garment makes me uneasy. Maybe I should just let this joke onesie slide. But if loungewear is meant to be the antithesis to the kind of revealing clothing that can be found all over the rest of the Missguided website, couldn’t they just leave sex out of it when it comes to onesies? Who knows, but this version is currently on offer, which suggests sales might not have been through the roof, and that the great buying public agrees with me.

What do you think? Is this handsy onesie a step too far, or is it a bit of harmless fun? Leave a comment and let me know.


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