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Don’t overlook the printed book | World Book Night

While YouGov reported a substantial increase in sales of the Amazon Kindle Fire e-reader last week, World Book Night, which took place on Tuesday, appealed to the globe not to overlook the printed book.

World Book Day, books, Kindle

There’s no denying that devices such as the Kindle Fire are amazing wee inventions, but despite this, I have no desire to possess one. When it comes to books, in my opinion, nothing much beats that feeling of satisfaction once you are fully immersed in a great page-turner and the proof can be physically felt and seen from the thick wad of read pages clasped in your hand.

Perhaps I’m just easily pleased, but in light of World Book Night earlier this week – an event which celebrates reading of the printed book – I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a while. Instead of having a quick scan of Amazon, I stopped by my local book store to have a thorough look at the latest titles available on the shelves. In this digital age it can be easy to forget what a truly pleasurable experience browsing around a book shop can be, even without looking for anything specific; from that thrill of coming across a surprisingly interesting title, to actually getting to hold and quickly flick through a book you were actively seeking out.

True to typical book store form, the atmosphere was extremely chilled and I ended up purchasing three fantastic books. First up, 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism by economist and Cambridge University lecturer Ha-Joon Chang. Simply because at the tender age of 24 I have finally decided to find out how the world actually works – it’s about time really. Secondly, Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by The Independent columnist Owen Jones, because I have been guilty of laughing at chavs from time to time (Jeremy Kyle anyone?) when I should really know better. The third book was Anne Franks Diary, embarrassingly enough I decided to buy this after the recent Justin Bieber furore (in which he remarked that she may have been a fan of his. For goodness sake) made me realise I had never actually read it.

In support of World Book Night, The Guardian online has compiled a list of quotes by famous writers in a bid to encourage more people to delve into a good book, see it here. Visit the World Book Night website at


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