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Miss Vogue launches on Monday | How will it do?

Back in January British Vogue announced it was launching its first ever magazine aimed at the teen market, calling it Miss Vogue, and the first issue officially hits the shops this coming Monday. It got me wondering whether other ladies like myself – now ever so slightly older than Miss Vogue’s target demographic – would have loved something like this when we were younger?

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Who else remembers ELLE Girl? British ELLE magazine launched a similar attempt to appeal to a younger audience back in 2001, only for it to fold five years later with reports suggesting that the increase in online e-magazines and blogs was one of the main reasons for the publication’s untimely demise. While not identical in their content, considering the aforementioned reason for Elle Girl‘s closure and the fact that reading material available online has continued to expand dramatically since 2006, it’s uncertain exactly how well Miss Vogue will fare in the already struggling magazine market if Condé Nast decides to continue printing it. Just last week More! magazine became the industry’s latest casualty announcing its publication had been suspended after several previous efforts to reinvent the glossy.

However, in the last few years there has been what can only be described as a tween/teen explosion with the young population’s adoration for the likes of One Direction, the Twilight movie franchise and the emulation of stars’ style including Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian’s little sister Kendal Jenner (who, incidentally, has modelled for Australian Miss Vogue) taking on a life of its own. Team this with Vogue’s stellar reputation and it looks as though there are enough components in place to make Miss Vogue a guaranteed success.

Thanks to a recently renewed Vogue subscription I got to flick through the magazine before its official launch next week as it comes free with the June issue. My first impression was that I would have probably loved it when I was younger and taken lots of style inspiration from their numerous uber-colourful fashion editorials. On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure how many British tweens and teenage girls can afford the Louis Vuitton leather duffel bag advertised for a whopping £780, or the Tiffany platinum and diamond pendant with an equally eye-watering price tag of £9,675 also featured? At the same time, this magazine has been produced by the Vogue family, a publication famed for championing the finer (fashion-y) things in life.

Who else is keen to see what kind of reception Miss Vogue gets from the public next week? We are rooting for it here at Style and Then Some!


2 comments on “Miss Vogue launches on Monday | How will it do?

  1. Helen Coakley
    May 3, 2013

    I reckon I would have loved this. I was a big fan of Elle Girl and I think I bought Miss Vogue or a similar magazine out in America as I couldn’t get it here. As long as it is done WELL, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. More! just got ridiculous and dressed itself up as a twenty-something magazine yet marketed to 14/15 year old girls, filling their heads with nonsense like how to use a paddle to spice up your love-life while using ken and barbie dolls to demonstrate. Good riddance. Maybe Miss Vogue actually have worthwhile articles too? Did you see any?

  2. katyspry
    May 3, 2013

    Me too Helen, it would have been great, I’m just intrigued to see how it does considering the difficult magazine market at the moment but like I said, Vogue’s rep should be enough to propel it to success! I loved Elle Girl too, I was so surprised when it stopped, I also have a confession… I liked the silliness of More! a few years ago, bit too old for it now but I really thought girls in their late teens still snapped it up, how wrong you can be! The articles did not appeal to me because obvs I’m not their target audience but looking forward to seeing what all the Tweens and teens think 🙂

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