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From pollen to Prevalin – putting hayfever remedies to the test

If, like me, you’re prone to hay fever, you’ll want a robust prevention strategy to limit the twenty-in-a-row sneezing episodes that can result in ligament damage or the weepy eyes which co-workers misconstrue as the awkward, broad-spectrum ‘boyfriend trouble’ that strike this time of year. Here’s my advice on how to combat hateful hayfever.


As usual, I can only give general advice about tinctures and tonics that have helped me and when taking any medicine (herbal or conventional) make sure it’s safe and suitable for you.  I can’t claim any medical acclaim here….

Right, so one thing I’m trying is natural remedies as I always prefer to see what can be done before resorting to the strong stuff.  Having read numerous articles on alternative therapies.  These are some of the recommended remedies:

Bee Pollen – tastes horrendous so make sure you mix it well with cereal, smoothies, Nutella….whatever masks the flavour.

Nettle tea – easy to buy from health food shops and supermarkets

Prevalin Nasal Spray – normal nasal sprays contain steroids so if you’re looking to avoid chemical solutions try this alternative.

Vitamins – by keeping your immune system strong, the effects of the allergy response will be less brutal.  Quercetin is an antioxidant which also acts as a natural anti-histamine.  Find supplements containing Quercetin and vitamin C to build up a defence.  Eating and sleeping well will also boost your immunity, giving you added resistance.

I find the usual advice about staying indoors and wearing wrap-around sunglasses a bit ‘meh’ as I don’t particularly want to do either.  Wrap-around sunnies are not really for me and, as much as  I won’t rub my face on the grass, I’m not staying in a closed-window flat all summer…hence why I’m chomping down on bee pollen and nettle derivatives. 

Failing all that, get your mitts on the conventional antihistamine tablets (I find the own-brand versions work just as well as the branded), eye drops or spray and make sure you keep up a consistent approach throughout the hayfever season, not just using the medication when you’re experiencing symptoms.

Good luck!


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