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Still deciding which music festival to go to? Try the festival finder

Right in time for the music festival season, has introduced their new U.K festival finder website.

Attending a music festival is practically a rite of passage for modern day young adults, correct? To have reached your mid-twenties without doing so could be considered a little strange, possibly? Well unfortunately I fall into the latter category, although I did try to rectify the situation a few years back and began researching various festivals happening around the UK. Two years later and I am still in the same position after never managing to settle on one particular festival I felt catered to all my music loving needs and that of my friends. Thankfully, have created their own online festival finder where you can select a group of your favourite performers then it helps you gauge which festival best suits your individual music preferences.

Music festival fun

What is great about the festival finder is that if you’re struggling to remember the artists you would like to see live, the website lists a large number of acts set to perform on one of the various UK stages – therefore allowing you to simply pick and click away. If your taste is especially eclectic and you are struggling to find an event that stands out, the online search engine still lets you know the specific festival your choices are playing at. Also, whether or not the venue in question has sold out, what ticket prices are and dates of the occasion.

Music festival tickets aren’t exactly cheap, so making sure to choose the right one for you is an important yet increasingly difficult task considering just how many there are to choose from nowadays. And that just goes for the UK, I’m not even taking into account the various festivals that happen throughout Europe and the rest of the world each year (see Helen’s recent Coachella style overview).

Maybe things will be easier now for all us indecisive folk. Who knows, with the help of the festival finder and Jo’s recent Glastonbury packing essentials post, I may have finally lost my music festival virginity by next year.


One comment on “Still deciding which music festival to go to? Try the festival finder

  1. Billy Gun
    August 17, 2013

    There are many online ticket stores from where, you can easily get your festival tickets. But you should but tickets from the most reputed ticket search engines.

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