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Fashion speak

Certain industries are full of abbreviations, business-lingo or other insider-language.  Navy vessels and A&E departments are (I imagine) full of terminology which civilians and the non-medically trained know nothing about.  Albeit lying on a slightly more superficial plane, magazine shoots and fashion HQs adopt similar insider-speak.

Fashion-insider language

This morning a stylist shouted some outfitting instruction across the studio along the lines of: ‘…team it with the pony-hair Wangs, DVF tote and Theory Skort.’ To the untrained ear this might sound like code.  Designer names are often abbreviated, some are mis-pronounced as we fail to possess the French twang needed to correctly say Givenchy and Agent Provocateur.   Like any language, you absorb it as you go and before you know it, you’re talking in fashion slang to your boyfriend or parents without realising it.

We’ve  moved on from the much clichéd ‘fashionista’ terminology of the noghties, phewf – however  here’s a quick rundown of some current expressions which you may hear thrown around in fashion-land (and beyond):

Mandals – man-sandals

FROW – short for catwalk front row seats

Skort – skirt/short hybrid

Boyfriend-cut – used to describe anything slightly over-sized

Game-changer – the new it piece (usually an accessory)

Have you heard any noteworthy fashion speak?


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