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Getting good at hair

I am rubbish at hair, which is why I harp on about skincare and make-up due to the considerably less skill needed to apply a face mask. I can just about run a straightener through it but after reading Helen’s practice, practice, practice post about her resolution to master nail art, I’ve decided I’m going to ‘get good’ at hair.

I normally rely on friends or the skilled hair-dryer handed people at a blow-dry salon to do me a little up-do for special occasion or when my hair is particularly loathsome.   Over the past few weeks I’ve collected some useful tools and collated a mini hair inspiration gallery to help me hone suitable styles for my hair type.  Having apparently missed the stage of childhood where you learnt to braid hair and being uncoordinated means these hints and tips are for beginners – don’t expect to learn expert styles or anything that takes more than 10 minutes.  Let’s not run before we can walk.

Easy up-dos….the sock-bun seems to be trending:


Voila: Flatten it out with a comb to make it neater, and 'wear it to brunch!' suggests Wendy


Alternatively you can grab cheap hair accessories from H&M to recreate a similar look with a trusty doughnut.  Don’t get the XXL versions, they sort of give the game away:

H&M hair doughnut £1.99


Salt spray has long been heralded as the key to getting beachy hair.  Sometimes it works a treat, other times I look like I have crispy dry, messy, flat hair.  The only authentic beach hair I can master is a swim in the ocean, which tricky when you live in southwest london:

Surf Spray

Check out wavy gravy for more tips:


No-styling loose waves – if you have long-ish, fine hair then a quick (no tools required) way to get wavy hair is to wait until hair is 85% dry and then smooth serum through the lengths.  Twist up into a bun, fasten with a thin hairband and spritz with hairspray or salt spray and wait for it to finish drying completely.  When you unwind the bun, it should fall into loose waves.  If the curls are too tight or there’s some unevenness, put in a ponytail to allow some of the curls to drop slightly.


Who isn’t mesmerised by a fishtail?  I can’t do one, obvs.  However there is a cheats way of getting the perfect plait – you can clip one in!  Again, I would probably need a professional to do this for me but after a few goes, how hard can it be??




Szchuzzing powder: a small dusting of this adds some friction to fine hair giving volume and mattifies to help up-styles stay in place.

OSIS hair powder

Mason Pearson Hairbrushes: eye-wateringly expensive, mine was over £100, which is ridiculous, but I figured if I use it twice a day for the rest of my life I may just about break-even.  They are meant to be the sorter-outer for all sorts of problem-hair including frizz and thinning hair and sometimes, I believe in throwing money at the problem.  My favourite is the pure bristle B1 which is good for long, fine hair.

Mason Pearson B1

See-through elastic: this makes even basic ponytails a bit more slick and professional looking:

Hersheons clear hair bands x 50

Hair Inspiration:






3 comments on “Getting good at hair

  1. claudzlouise
    May 28, 2013

    mmm, seems to be a few favourites missing here???

  2. blondekatie
    May 28, 2013

    100 quid for a hairbrush?! OMG.

    Whenever I do hair modelling they pile on that zhuzhing stuff, toni and guy do a version called ‘resurrection dust’, it is amazing for volume, not sure how it’d work on dark hair though cos it’s white.

  3. Helen Coakley
    May 29, 2013

    I have a Mason Pearson too! Mine was around £40 when I was 13 as a friend had recommended hers and I still use it every single day. I cannot fault Mason Pearson in anyway. You even get a mini brush with it to brush your brush. Also I use the dust Katie is talking about above, but a tresemme version for £6 which lasts around six months. The feel of it makes me cringe (quite rough) but it does the job well. Cycnol also do one that was one of the first on the market (its a salon brand) my hairdresser cousin used on me, and I would say that is a 5 star version.

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