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Chelsea-fy your wardrobe with ShopStyle

I’ve managed to accept my love of Made in Chelsea and allowed those posh Londoners into my heart – but can I let them into my wardrobe?

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If you haven’t already, meet ShopStyle. It’s the fashion website that let’s you browse all the virtual high street has to offer – all in one place. Just search an item, shop or designer; there’s everything from Topshop to McQueen lined up for your viewing pleasure. And the best bit? When you’re watching MIC (or frankly anything about rich people) and you really really want that bag/hat/impossibly luxurious fur gilet they’re sporting, check ShopStyle for the best imitations that you don’t need to sell a body part to afford – no one except your purse will know the difference.

Whilst it is a bit fan-crazy that MIC appears to be dictating everything from my habitation choices to my iTunes library, one thing I don’t mind it influencing is my fashion sense (who doesn’t want to look like Millie Mackintosh?). Luckily for me, and you, and everyone with a Chelsea penchant, ShopStyle have handily collaborated with E4 and compiled lookbooks of all the styles, just to make attaining that offensively wealthy look easier for us commoners. And let’s be honest, fashion is what these girls do – they’re stylists, make-up artists, bloggers and general clothes horses so it’s worth taking a few pointers, even if you’re more style-savvy and alternative. Oversized sunnies and a floppy fedora improve all outfits, no?

True, there is something in me that says, ‘no, have pride in your own tastes, shop at charity shops, look like a granny, channel Florence Welch’, and there’ll always be a glimmer of style anarchy in me. I once wore a huge see-through nude cape to a Birmingham club, which was met with the greatest response anyone could hope for of ‘seriously, what the f**k are you wearing?’ But at the same time, I can’t deny that the Chelsea girls look good. It would be pigheaded to say that I dared to wear dark red lipstick without seeing it on MIC first, or that I always knew leather trousers and a loose white shirt were an acceptable combination. Commercial TV shows like MIC, or Gossip Girl, or Sex and the City, routinely give me and hundreds of other bloggers inspiration, so it’s only fair to give credit where it’s due.

In the meantime, why not use an episode of MIC the same way you would the pages of Vogue – as a compilation of ludicrously expensive looks to inspire you next time you’re searching the high street. Or let your mouse do all the work on ShopStyle to save you trawling through endless websites – you might even find something better for a fraction of the price. Then all that’s left to do is to work your new purchases like you’re on the King’s Road.

Check out the Made in Chelsea fashion lookbooks on ShopStyle here. And if you still haven’t seen MIC, this is why you need to get watching now.


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