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Jumping on (and perhaps off) the detox wagon: my 5 day juice diet

Traditionally I’m not a believer in fad diets as they inevitably fail as soon as you replace whatever you’ve cut out, you’ll predictably regain any weight you lost and feel defeated along the way.  If weight loss is a priority, do it the slow, boring, steady way.

However, a detox, although still slightly faddy, is centred around health, breaking bad habits and giving your body and digestive system a break, rather than quick fix weight loss.   I signed up to do  5 day juice diet as I had become caught up in a morning cappuccino habit (when I don’t even really enjoy coffee), I would have at least one trip to the vending machine a day, a wine in the evening and continued to eat dairy and gluten even though it made me feel yuck.

I found London-based company NOSH (which stands for: Natural, Organic, Safe & Healthy) online and signed up to do a 5 day cleanse.  You fill out a form stating your goals, likes, dislikes etc. and the choose a delivery date.   The smoothies are delivered on an evening with 3 to keep refrigerated and 2 to freeze.  The whole process is quick and efficient and requires minimal effort.  You also receive e-mail support throughout the week and they encourage you to phone them if you’re struggling to stick to the programme.

Soooooo, here’s my very first foray into the world of Gwyneth and her pals, wish me luck….


Day one: feeling ready to turn over a new leaf after a sunny weekend of wines in the garden, a boozy pub lunch and not enough water.  Didn’t feel hungry as the amount I ate over the weekend was probably enough fuel for days, however I missed my morning breakfast routine as I don’t think I’ve ever skipped breakfast. On the plus side drinking pre-mushed smoothies is a timesaver; no wrestling with a blender in the morning or waiting for porridge to warm-up.  In the evening I was a bit depressed unpacking the Tesco delivery at 8pm but went to bed fairly early to avoid breaking into the fresh bread or newly delivered cheese.


Day Two: again, not really hungry as the smoothies are big and as they contain the whole fruit or veg portion, the fibre and protein remains intact. At work there were cookies going around which would normally elicit an automatic ‘yes please’ but I declined and instead counted the minutes until my 11am ‘Rejuvenator’ drink.  Lots of my colleagues are asking how brutal the detox is but I find myself endorsing it and saying (perhaps a tiny bit smugly) that I was soldiering through mostly unfazed by my lack of solid sustenance.

Day Three:  I’d read that today is the day when your body starts to cleanse and you begin to feel headachy, nauseous and suffer sugar, caffeine  and carb withdrawals even more intensely.  Fearing the worse, I was prepared for a day of pain and didn’t plan to do much in the evening just in case.  I felt surprisingly well although I think drinking vats of herbal tea has lessened the pain.   Lunchtime was a bit of a struggle as I supped my organic juice and contended with a grumbling stomach whilst a friend ordered some fries to go along his toasted sandwich . I just keep telling myself I’m over half way through.  Thank god.


Day Four:  After feeling hungry all evening last night, I indulged in some carrot sticks to remind myself was chewing was like.  Again, I wish I could regale some stories of pain or going into shock from lack of sugar but I guess your body is designed to survive on a plant-based diet.  It’s boring but the detox has taught me I probably don’t need out-sized restaurant portions and a wine every night.


Day 5: Feel pretty bad today although that could also be due to some busy days and later nights.  I’ve got a headache and am finding it hard to concentrate. However, unlike some other testimonials I’ve read, I’m not planning a midnight binge of pizza and beer when the calendar ticks over to Saturday as that sounds like a massive waste of an unpleasant 5 days; it unravels all the ‘resetting’ you’ve done.  I’m using it to kick-start a longer term strategy rather than a 5 day quick fix. Having said that, I’m already planning my Saturday breakfast in my head and will be up uncommonly early to fire up the grill….



Having not eating any junk food or actually very little food at all for 5 days I endured the process a lot better than expected, although my expectations were very low.  As the smoothies are organic and contained fruit and veg pulp, they really fill you, plus I was having 4 a day which meant it was never too long until the next ‘meal.’

I’d recommend the detox for anyone needing a boost or to reset eating habits.  After Christmas or partying in Ibiza would be a good example of when your body might need some help repairing itself.

You realise that you can survive on fewer calories per day without collapsing (as I had envisaged) and that having hunger pangs are short-lived and being slightly hungry is not a bad thing.  I rarely let myself reach a stage where I feel hungry before a meal.  I can’t claim to have noticed glowing skin or an abundance of energy but the feeling of flooding my body with organic fruit and veg made me feel like I was making a positive step.  I would be wary of a programme that just means drinking just juice (without the pulp) as this would make your blood sugar level rocket and keep you constantly starving.  If i can do it, I’m pretty sure anyone can.


To find out more about the NOSH juice detox diet click here


One comment on “Jumping on (and perhaps off) the detox wagon: my 5 day juice diet

  1. gragon50
    April 3, 2014

    for me diet plan is basically a limited time effort to lose as much weight as possible. Yet there is more than one way to lose weight, and even if you only have 7 days to lose weight, you still have the future to consider, especially if you wish to continue losing weight after those 7 days are over.

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