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This is how you host a hassle-free dinner party – with a little help from the Dinner Company

Everybody loves a dinner party right? What’s not to love about good food, fine wine and the company of your friends? Well, to be honest, the cooking or washing up duties aren’t all that appealing, which is why you won’t find me hosting very often (the nearest I get is a bunch of pizzas bunged in the oven when we have a blog meet at mine.)

Enter The Dinner Company. They want to take the hassle out of dinner parties so that more people can try out new recipes, flex their cooking muscles and discover the joy of entertaining. How does it work? You go to the Dinner Company website, choose a menu and they will deliver everything you need for a three-course feast right to your door (anywhere in the UK), alongside a fool-proof online flowchart to guide you through the recipes.

We got to sample a summery Spanish selection a couple of weeks ago on the May bank holiday Monday and had so much fun. Our menu looked like this:

Starter: Gazpacho soup with croutons

Main: Spanish paella with chicken, chorizo and seafood

Dessert: Apple and almond tart

The box arrived in the afternoon with all the ingredients neatly weighed out, sealed and labelled. This, to me, is what’s great about the Dinner Company method: it removes the need for time-consuming shopping and weighing, and prevents you from being left with jars and packets of ingredients you had to buy from one recipe but you’ll never use again. Case in point: we need just a pinch of saffron, the priciest of all seasonings, in our paella.

The Dinner Company hamper dinner party

The Dinner Company hamper dinner party

The recipes are really easy to follow too. The entire menu is set out in a step-by-step guide on one web page, and you click on little clock icons to set timers for every stage – like blind baking the pastry and browning the chicken legs. Between us, Helen and I managed to pull off all three courses without the slightest slip up, much to the delight of our fellow diners, my housemate Caroline and Sophie aka blogger La Fashion Folie. While the ready-made gazpacho was obviously a doddle, I was particularly amazed that the paella turned out so tastily, as it’s something that I would have been too scared to try and cook myself before.

The Dinner Company hamper dinner party paella spanish menu

Is it expensive though? I hear you ask. Not really. Most menus are less than £15 a head, which is decidedly cheaper than your average three-course meal in London. And it’s BYOB of course. By clubbing together with your foodie mates this is a really fun, sociable way to try your hand at new cuisines and discover ingredients you might never have cooked with otherwise. I’m currently contemplating what Dinner Company menu I want to try next. I think it’s between three bean chilli and Punjabi lamb. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Click through the gallery below to see how we got on with our Spanish foodie feast. Visit to find out more.

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2 comments on “This is how you host a hassle-free dinner party – with a little help from the Dinner Company

  1. Helen Coakley
    June 12, 2013

    I absolutely loved doing this. Might do this for my birthday next year.

  2. caroline
    June 21, 2013

    Looks like great fun! Could even make me consider cooking?!

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