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Harvey Nichols | clever advertising?

British department store, Harvey Nichols’ team are no strangers to slightly wacky ways of advertising and their current campaign carries on this trend.

Harvey Nichols, department store, controversial advertising

Who could forget last summer’s controversial Harvey Nichs’ poster campaign featuring designer clad models that appeared to have wet themselves with excitement over news of an impending sale, or the year before that, their T.V advert claimed they can keep ladies looking good even when doing the walk of shame. And to promote their latest summer sale which launched earlier this week, they have used rather fashionably dressed headless chickens complete with the tagline, “Try To Stay Calm.”

Now I don’t know about you, but the mere thought of chickens running around without heads is nothing short of terrifying, whether in a trendy dress or not. Also, it’s all well and good that those fabulous designer slacks may be half price now but urine stained clothing has never been the most enticing look. In conclusion, these are not exactly things you would immediately associate with luxury fashion items or top of the range beauty buys and although it’s clever and yes I get the joke, personally, I’m just not a fan.

Yet, I’ve just written an entire blog post on the subject, it’s stuck in my head and now I find myself itching to get down to their sale as soon as possible in a bid to snap up some great deals. Mission accomplished Harvey Nichols (more specifically their advertising team, adam&eveDDB), touché.


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