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Here are our nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award

We had a lovely surprise last weekend when a comment on Olivia’s How to Survive a Hangover post revealed that Bonnie’s Beauty Blog had nominated Style & Then Some for the One Lovely Blog Award.

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The One Lovely Blog Award is kind of like a chain letter for blogs. What happens is each blogger who is nominated writes a blog post nominating seven other blogs they love and describing seven facts about themselves. That’s what Bonnie did over here. They then add the logo to their post, thank their nominater (yeah, I’m not sure that’s a word either) and tell the nominees by posting on their blogs.

The origin of the One Lovely Blog Award is a bit hazy, and it’s not actually clear if anyone wins at any point, but since it’s a really nice way to connect with other bloggers and shout out for some of our favourite blogs, we’ve decided to take part too.

But first, a big thank you to Bonnie for her nomination. I took a visit to her blog and it’s great. I’d say aspiring make-up artist Bonnie is about as obsessed with make-up and beauty as our Jo – which is to say, very.

Here they are, in no particular order, our seven nominated blogs:

1. The Beauty Habit – all about make up and beauty, written by the lovely Lauren

2. Acid Brights – personal style, shopping and lifestyle features from blogger Emma

3. Dear Abby / Dear Olivia – OK, admittedly, this is 50% written by our very own Olivia, but it’s so darn good I had to include it. They write to each other and their lives and latest buys, and it’s hilarious.

4. What Olivia Did – a different Olivia, this photographer/blogger shares her personal style pics plus music, trends and more.

5. The Londoner – because the envy-inducingly gorgeous and stylish Rosie loves fashion and food in equal measure, just like us!

6. India Rose blog – India blog her own style plus lots of beautiful fashion imagery

7. Tanya Burr – Another beauty favourite of ours is Tanya’s gorgeous blog, full of Make-up tutorials.

And here are seven fun facts about team Style & Then Some:

  1. Sophie is currently training to do the Three Peaks challenge, climbing three mountains in three days. She is quite scared, but we know she can do it.
  2. Helen has got one of the weirdest celebrity crushes I have ever heard: she can’t get enough of David Guetta.
  3. Olivia is a bit of a clever clogs – she’s just graduated with a First in Theology from Birmingham University.
  4. Katy is well on the way to becoming a journalistic clever clogs – she’s just signed up to do a journalism masters degree at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.
  5. Jo is our makeup and beauty guru. We knew she loved to try out new products, but we were not prepared for the sprawling collection she keeps on her dressing table, as witnessed when we held a blog meet at hers.
  6. Katie (that’s me) has got quite an international background. As a child she lived in China, Macau and Thailand, then moved to Holland, where her parents stayed – and that’s where she now calls home.
  7. Stat attack: between us we have published 745 blog posts (including this one) since we started Style & Then Some on the 3rd April 2011. That’s an average of just about one per day and it’s well over 200,000 words in total.

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