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Glastonbury packing essentials: panic-packing update

Having half-heartedly thought about packing for Glasto back in April, with now two days to go, I’m not just thinking which of my cheap sunglasses are likely to last five days, but actually planning an all-weather rucksack wardrobe.  First things first, some essential outerwear:

ZARA parka – lightweight but good length and windproof:

Zara parka

Practical stretch jersey leggings, I love Splendid basics:

Splendid stretch jersey leggings

I’m not hopeful for holiday-clothing weather but one can hope to break out a jersey maxi dress (or just wear it on the coach to/from the festival):

James Perse jersey midi dress

Don’t be fooled by some optimistic weather forecasts, they’ll be mud whatever the temperature.  Wellies are standard issue:

Hunter wellies navy1

Further essential footwear in the form of a trusty Havianas, don’t hop in a shower without them:


My friend got me a novelty pocket poncho and Urinelles (see toiletries list) as joke gifts for my birthday back in March…they’re now firmly in the rucksack.  I’m not thrilled at the prospect of walking around looking like I’m prepped for the log flume, but with limited clothing options, one can’t be getting soaked through.  Similarly if the toilet queues are horrendous and I’ve had eleven ciders, we just don’t know how far my dignity will collapse…


Some of the toiletries that made the short (long) list:

  • Nivea invisible sunscreen spray SPF30
  • Emergen-C vitamin sachets
  • Green superfood powder (to chug down with the morning painkillers)
  • Sudocrem mini tube
  • Bioderma cleansing water (my face wash substitute)
  • Biocare Travelguard supplements
  • Vichy 48hr deodorant
  • Listerine (tent + morning breath = no friends)
  • Plasters (for any blisters or wellie rubbing)
  • La Roch Posay SPF facial moisturiser
  • 40 x wet wipes
  • Urinelles (as discussed, only there for emergencies…..we hope)

Glasto toiletries

Happy festival season!

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