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Sweet Stuff: A self-taught lesson in London Graffiti artist Sweet Toof

A few weeks ago I woke up, looked out my flat window, and found myself staring at some bizarre graffiti that had popped up overnight on the buildings opposite. Now, I don’t have a great sense of awareness, and actually pondered for a day or so if it had been there all along and I had only just registered the satellite dish with a full set of gnashers and the cartoon critter in need of a gum shield. But after my flatmate and a few friends also noticed it I realized I wasn’t going cray, and basically got on with my life. That was until this week when my cousin stayed and instantly recognised the spray paint job on the roof of a shop as belonging to the London graffiti artist, Sweet Toof.

Now, I’m by no means an art buff, and unless the conversation resides around Banksy I would be completely adrift when it came to the London street art scene, but when you find yourself staring at what is apparently a famous artist’s work out of your window each day it does make you a tiny bit more curious. So a quick flick through trusty Google revealed the extent of Sweet Toof’s portfolio, and how he has been gaining recognition for his solo and collaborative work since the eighties. While Sweet Toof’s work can be seen all over London, (and boy am I noticing it about town now) he has also been exhibiting internationally since 2011 and is even represented by Nelly Duff Gallery and High Roller Society.

If you, like me, have previously been unfamiliar with Sweet Toof, you might be all ‘why the teeth?’. Well, according to Wikipedia (yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t gospel, but I’m not writing my dissertation here guys) Sweet Toof sees teeth as a reminder of mortality, and is heavily influenced by 16th Century Northern European “Vanitas”, and Mexican celebration of skull imagery in accepting death as part of life.

Well, I may not be able to afford one of Sweet Toof’s prints anytime soon, but I am sure this view will do for now.

Unless this is fake. In that case, LOL/CRY. I got done.

Sweet Toof East London graffiti artist east london graffiti artists Sweet Toof 2013

Sweet Toof East London graffiti artist east london graffiti artists Sweet Toof 2013

Sweet Toof East London graffiti artist east london graffiti artists Sweet Toof 2013


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