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Andy Murray | something we can all take from his Wimbledon win

Has Andy contributed to redefining the British mind-set?

Andy Murray just won a tennis match, he didn’t find the solution to world hunger!” As an extremely big tennis and Andy Murray fan I was disappointed to see several Facebook status updates like this in reference to Britain’s joy over Andy’s historical Wimbledon win on Sunday. I felt these people had missed the point and that we could all take something from his victory.

Andy Murray, Wimbledon, tennis

My favourite satirical website, The Daily Mash, featured an article entitled, ‘Britons face terrible pressure to be good at things – Andy Murray’s tennis victory has put ordinary Britons under immense pressure to be less shit,’ Here are some hilarious extracts:

“I have a bad feeling about all this, like I’m now going to be expected to do stuff…Murray could have come second, everyone would have said nice things and felt a moderate amount of pride. But no, he had to go for the glory.”

“I don’t want to excel, like most people in this country I want to do the bare minimum and dick about a bit on the internet…This whole ‘winning’ thing seems new and weird…Everyone’s talking about him like he’s some sort of hero, but I think he’s a very selfish man.”

After reading the piece I realised something; us Brits are famed for our modesty but is it more a lack of confidence? The Daily Mash had identified and poked fun at a not so positive and rather common British way of thinking, which Andy himself has been guilty of in the past.

Something that often happened in his early tennis career was even when a match would be going well he seemed to lose faith in his game, as though he felt out of his depth and almost appeared to give up. Thankfully his latest (note – non-British) coach, former Wimbledon champion, Ivan Lendl has clearly managed to zap away Andy’s negative thoughts and give him a far healthier mind-set to play with.

So has Andy’s new found positivity, that ultimately drove him to success, rubbed off on the nation inspiring us all to push for that little bit more?


One comment on “Andy Murray | something we can all take from his Wimbledon win

  1. jackiemallon
    September 5, 2013

    You raise a valid point. Having lived in London and now in New York I grapple with this cultural difference every day. On one side of the pond it’s not cool to be seen trying to hard, on the other, it’s not cool to sit back; get in there, you can do it. The ocean separates the two countries but there is a world of difference in how tasks are approached, competition is viewed and life is lived. I steal from both 🙂

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