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I’ve got nothing to wear! Rethinking work-wear

Having just been offered a new job, I’ve been assessing my work outfits with more rigour than normal.  This coincided with an article in the Sunday Times Style magazine (and they know everything) lamenting about the state of the nations’ work wear as well as Olivia’s post on interview attire.  Even in supposedly fancy-fashion-capital London the calibre of work dress can, at times, look shoddy.  Obviously if you work in A&E, one-size-fits-all scrubs and a trainer with a sturdy arch-support are acceptable garment choices. It’s more the  genre of ‘work wear’ that perhaps needs a rethink.

I acknowledge working in a fashion retail environment means there’s perhaps more emphasis and fewer rules on office-dressing but agree with the article that some shake-ups on the work fashion front could liven up weekdays and avoid the uniform-esque state of mind we’ve become used to.  By ‘livening up’ I don’t mean emulate the Apprentice women and clip in – what appears to be – a standard issue wavy/mermaid hair extension.  Not wanting to be a mega bitch but c’mon girls, a stripper heel is not boardroom suitable.


The Apprentice 2013


Here’s some ideas to help you glide through Mon-Fri…

It’s not school

Office wear is often associated with the boring dark skirt/trouser and white shirt combo.  This can look amazing when updated with individual twists or can look a bit polyester BHS school-wear. Also it’s a bit dull when everyone looks the same.  Update the shirt to floaty silk rather than button down cotton.  Go for cream rather than Colgate white.  If in doubt Equipment rule the world when it comes to shirts. 

Go for this look:

Equipment Cream Signature Silk Blouse

Not this look:

BHS school wear

Mix weekend and work clothes

Weekend clothes don’t always mean leggings and parkas, wear a favourite ‘going to the pub’ top with a smarter skirt rather than jeans or make a summer dress work-appropriate with a blazer.  Weekend purchases will be clothes you’re drawn to because you like them and they’re comfortable rather than you panic-buying five identical suits the Sunday before starting a new job.  Merge your wardrobes to find flattering combinations.

Splash out

It’s tempting to save your pennies for weekends and holiday clothes but considering the amount of time we spend at work, investing can be worth it.  Blow cash on flattering blazers, shoes, coats and bags as these can be worn over and over, throughout the year.  Stella McCartney, Reiss, Chloe and Whistles are all good places to start for grown-up office attire.

Stella McCartney Coat £945

Stella Coat

Work with leather

No longer a fabric reserved for sex workers, leather is now a wardrobe staple.  Accent outfits rather than wear head-to-toe to avoid raised eyebrows on the tube.

Mila Leather jacket £295

Whistles Leather Jacket

 ASOS Leather-look skirt £45

 ASOS Leather-look skirt


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