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Review: the Celgenics Couture Facial

I had never had a facial until recently, when I tried the Celgenics Couture Facial – a luxurious and highly effective treatment from the maker of ‘skin for the future.’

In a way, I can’t believe that I had never had a facial until now. Surely at some press event or another I would have had the chance? But I guess I probably opted for the manicure every time.Celgenics Couture Facial Celgenics skincare facial Marian Bourne Celgenics Wimbledon 2013

So when I set off for the practice of Marian Bourne, founder of the innovative Celgenics skincare range (tagline: skin for the future), I wasn’t sure what to expect. Since Marian describes herself as a nutritional therapist, kinesiologist and cranio sacral practitioner, I guessed this wasn’t going to be like your standard facial, which let’s face it is basically just an extended cleanse, tone and moisturise job really isn’t it?

The setting certainly isn’t anything like your average central London beauty salon. Five minutes walk from Wimbledon station, Marian’s practice is nestled at the bottom of her beautifully flower-filled garden. I felt like I’d left London, which definitely helped to enhanced the de-stressing quality of the experience.

This is no express treatment either. The full Celgenics Couture Facial takes 90 minutes, so my 6pm appointment left me totally relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Celgenics Couture Facial Celgenics skincare facial Marian Bourne Celgenics Wimbledon 2013

Celgenics Couture Facial Celgenics skincare facial Marian Bourne Celgenics Wimbledon 2013

What happens during those 90 minutes? First up, Marian asked me about my skin. I told her that anti-ageing isn’t really a priority (yet) but that I am prone to spots and dryness so would love  her to work on that and generally give a bit more ‘pep’ to my skin.

Then the treatment started. Lying under a blanket with my shoes off and eyes closed, I immediately felt warm, cosy and relaxed. Marian double-cleansed to remove every scrap of make up, then started with a kind of gentle facial massage on one side of my face. Based on Ayuvedic healing techniques, this hands-on component of the facial aims to help lympathtic drainage, increase the flow of energy and help to lift skin.

Next, Marian used two hand held emitters to apply ‘cold laser’ light to my face. These emitters are imported from America and aren’t available in the UK. Research has shown that exposing an area to low level laser light makes the cells ‘think’ they’re damaged (even though they’re not) and creates a healing reaction in the body. I’m generally dubious about these things but a doctor friend of mine told me about this recently, so it’s based on science, not PR spiel!

And the results spoke for themselves during my facial – after working on one side of my face, Marian handed me a mirror and I could already see the difference. My skin looked plump and dewy with a healthy glow. I was pretty amazed.

Marian set to work on the other side of my face and all too soon my 90 minutes was up. Overall, I was thoroughly pleased with my first facial. It was a very enjoyable experience and I could see the effects on my face straight away. I was also glad that it didn’t seem like a thinly-veiled way to promote a range of products, which some salons are guilty of – it was all about the techniques and the cold laser. Marian says the Celgenics Couture Facial is really effective in terms of anti-ageing so the older you are the more evident the results. So I know where I’ll be heading once gravity does start to take hold of my features.

Celgenics Couture Facial, £140 for 90 minutes, £90 for 60 minutes. Call 02085427907, email or visit


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