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Once Upon an Outfit: How to Dress like a Princess

No, not a Disney princess! While the world’s fashion media waits with baited breath for a glimpse of the new Royal Baby’s first outfit, let’s instead pay fashion homage to the closest thing Britain’s got to a living Disney princess – Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. As well as bringing another heir to the throne (we were so very short of those), she’s also brought us How to Dress Like a Modern Day Princess, by numbers.

I can’t deny the woman looks good. She’s been criticised for playing it safe, and for – heaven forbid – wearing kohl eyeliner. But whilst you may doubt her methods, you can’t argue with the results. From lowly Topshop (I’m proud to say I owned that dotty dress pre-Harry Potter tour appearance) to Stella McCartney and Jenny Packham, she’s proven that even the high street can be fit for a princess. Or Duchess, whatever.

The princess rules appear to be thus:

  1. A demure length dress, just a smidgen above the knee, is just right for day engagements
  2. Full-length glamour is reserved for evening events
  3. Trousers only come out for sporting activities
  4. Accessories are kept to a minimum
  5. Not a single hair is ever out of place (even a fringe can be too much of a departure)
  6. The clutch is the Duchess’s bag of choice
  7. LK Bennett nude patent courts go with every outfit ever.

Here’s a little inspiration – our impossibly perfect future Queen’s best looks:

Kate Middleton, Engagement, 2013, 2010, Issa, Dress

Kate and William’s Engagement, the classic Issa sellout dress

Kate Middleton, Jenny Packhham, 2013, Dress

Kate at the ARK Gala in Jenny Packham


Casual at a Team GB Ambassador Gig

Kate Middleton, William, Birmingham, McQueen, skirt, 2013

Kate and William at an engagement in Birmingham in 80s-esque McQueen

Kate Middleton, Roland Mouret, dress, London, 2013

Wearing a knockout Roland Mouret dress to the Thirty Club in London

There’s no doubting that Kate’s look comes at a price. There’s no second-day hair when you’re a Duchess, no dry shampoo. Outfit repeats are avoided as much as possible and you need someone to present you with a pretty sizeable rock for your ring finger to seal the deal. Also, you’re going to have to find a way to always be in a good mood and never fall over or take bad photos.

Should be a walk in the park, right?

Here’s a few high street imitations to begin your royal wardrobe:

dress, maxi, topshop, kate middleton, 2013

Shoulder Pad Maxi Dress, Topshop, £50

blouse, silk, zara, kate middleton, duchess, 2013

Silk Blouse with Combination Lapel, Zara, £17.99

dress, dorothy perkins, kate middleton, 2013, polkadot

Navy and Ivory Spot Dress, Dorothy Perkins, £25.20

Links: Topshop Maxi, Zara Shirt, Dorothy Perkins Dress


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