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Summer Sales | A Curvy Celebration

In the news this week, ghastly ex Apprentice star, Katie Hopkins (her that judges small children on their names) was quoted as saying all working mothers have no excuse for being any bigger than a size 8 and that the beautiful model, Kelly Brook, is chubby. I have actually seen Miss Brook in real life and can state for the record that she is anything but big and even if she has put on a little weight lately I guarantee she still couldn’t be classed as chubby. It got me thinking about women’s curves and the unfortunate fact that still not everybody celebrates them; but we do here at Style and Then Some!

Earlier this year I blogged about my diet progress and now regret to inform you all that I have recently fallen off the wagon but have been back on it as of this week. It’s early days so the extra erm, insulation we’ll call it, that I have accumulated is yet to budge but thankfully it’s sale time which makes dressing for your shape that little bit easier.

I have compiled a list of 5 great curve friendly sales pieces available on the high street for your leisurely perusal…

Asos, Curve, Peg Trouser, Geo Print, summer salesASOS Curve Peg Trouser in Geo Print £15 (down from £22)

Zara, Cardigan, curves, summer salesZara Short Jacquard Cardigan £29.99 (down from £59.99, Floral, Skater Skirt, curves, summer Kat Floral Scuba Skater Skirt £10 (down from £15)

Oasis, Back Shirt, curves, summer salesOasis Pleat Back Shirt £6 (down from £42)

Urban Outfitters, Sleeveless Shirt, curves, summer salesUrban Outfitters Evil Twin Pale Ashes Sleeveless Shirt  £20 (down from £60)


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