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The perfect peep-toe: It took me 2 years to find these shoes

In June 2011, I blogged my ‘shoe of the week’, a pair of black, peep toe, ankle strap heels from Kurt Geiger. Ever since that day, I longed for a pair of black ankle strap heels to call my own, but alas they alluded me. Until now…

Matalan black laser cut wedges
It’s not that I couldn’t find any, in fact they were quite literally all over the shops, a trend that had gradually trickled down from many a catwalk over the seasons, but the ones I saw were never quite right. Mainly, whenever I found a perfect pair, they were always way out of my reach budget-wise. Since I’d never owned a pair like this before, I wasn’t actually sure if I was going to get much wear out of them, so I objected to shelling out 120 quid only to have them sit alongside my many pairs of black ankle boots gathering dust.
But then I found them.
In Matalan of all places – not a shop or website I frequent much. While compiling a freelance feature for Pick Me Up! magazine, wherein affordable fashion is a must, I came across this pair of towering five-inch black laser cut wedges. they ticked all my boxes (heel or wedge, I wasn’t fussed) and they came in way below my budgetary limit at just £16. WHAT a bargain. This way, I can try them out for size and even if I hardly ever wear them (or they fall apart) I won’t be massively bothered.
I think this might have been a wise move. One month of ownership late and my long-dreamt-for shoes have only had two outings. Once for the Superdry party at Battersea Power Station (where all these pictures were taken – thanks Olivia!) and once to a pal’s birthday party at my new favourite Brixton haunt Effra Social. Both times I had to take flats in my bag because I was cycling, but once they were on they weren’t too painful and were a lot easier to walk in than I thought. Plus, they make me crazy tall, which I love.
Matalan black laser cut wedges
Matalan black laser cut wedges
Matalan black laser cut wedges
It looks like these babies have been popular with the Matalan customer too because there are only brown and floral versions left. You’ll have to venture into a Matalan shop if you want to get your hands on a pair. I’m thinking of getting a spare pair myself, because if something should happen to mine, it might be another two years before I could find a replacement.
Matalan Laser Cut Wedges, £16

One comment on “The perfect peep-toe: It took me 2 years to find these shoes

  1. sophiecha
    August 25, 2013

    I walked past Effra Social on Friday to go to Hootenanny, it looked ‘happening’. Let’s go.

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