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Want great skin? Miranda Kerr has the answer

I am no beauty product junkie. I consider a quick scrub with a Tesco value face wipe to be a thorough skin routine. And with endless teenage allowances spent on pointless lotions and potions that just made my skin worse, I had officially given up on beauty products. Until now.

As good as my intentions were when I bought the Clinique Three Step Plan a few years ago, I found that at the end of the day with an early morning looming, I really couldn’t be bothered to cleanse, tone and moisturise. I also discovered that my skin does not enjoy being exfoliated, and all in all, it wants to just be left well alone, thank you. It exists in a fine state of equilibrium – to which Clearasil is a cleansing nuclear bomb, incidentally.

So I was pretty content to never buy anything from Boots ever again. And then, my shameless celebrity obsession broke me; boredom-induced Youtube scanning resulted in watching supermodel Miranda Kerr instructing me on ‘How to Live in My Skin’ (seriously, watch it, its eleven minutes of her going through skin products on some roof terrace – strangely hypnotic).  And I partially listened; her secret is rosehip oil.

Rosehip Oil, Beauty, Skin, Miranda Kerr, Face, 2013

Trilogy Rosehip Oil, available at larger Boots and Holland and Barrett stores

It isn’t cheap – you can buy it from Miranda’s own line Kora Organics, but Holland and Barrett and Boots do a version too for about £16 for a small bottle, sometimes less online. I was initially sceptical, especially as I have oily skin, but I couldn’t really find a bad review of the stuff. Everyone from grannies to teenagers to Grazia magazine loved it.

I’ve used it before bed for about three weeks now, and I am completely sold. Just three little drops onto your fingertips does your whole face after you’ve taken off your make-up. It does smell slightly like a frying pan, but it’s absorbed fast and my skin was already improved by the morning. It’s smoothing, old scars are fading and my general skin condition is better than ever – and it surprisingly didn’t grease up my face at all, with no new breakouts.

Miranda Kerr certainly knows her stuff and rosehip oil is now on my shopping list for good – because why would you not trust a woman that looks like this?

Miranda Kerr, 2013, Skin, Rosehip Oil, Beauty


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