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You can keep your BB and CC creams, this is the best make up/moisturiser/sunscreen hybrid I’ve ever used

A couple of months ago, when I was compiling two freelance beauty features, I had to try BB creams and high SPF products. A lot of them. Having read endless articles and blog posts praising the power of the BB (it stands for beauty balm) I hoped I would find a fantastic version of this so-called multitasking miracle cream that was just right for me. I was sadly disappointed.

I couldn’t find a single one of these supposed moisturiser-primer-concealer-foundation-sunscreen magic potions that suited me, from the most budget to high-end brands. They either didn’t give enough coverage, were a cakey consistency or not the right shade.

Now there’s a new kid on the BB block, the CC or colour correcting cream. Frankly, I’m not even going to bother, because in the mean time I’ve found my hero make up/moisturiser multitasker.

It’s called Heliocare Advanced Gelcream Color and I love it.


I was in search of a very high SPF sun block to use everyday and was a bit dubious about a sunscreen that wasn’t white, but it turns out this gel cream in shade light is a perfect match for my complexion is gives such even coverage that it immediately replaced my foundation. And with SPF 50 it’s automatically providing strong anti-ageing protection. Applied after my usual moisturiser, it doesn’t take a huge amount of the cream per application so the 50ml tube will last a long time, making it decent value for money at £28. I basically can’t recommend it highly enough.

Heliocare is an award-winning sun protection brand that used patented Fernblock photoimmunoprotection to ward off those harmful UVA (all year round) and UVB (summer and noontime) rays. Using extracts from a fern plant that evolved from water to land, Heliocare products have a four-fold protection system. It’s pretty fascinating stuff if you ask me, but then I am a geek about pretty much everything. There’s the cute little Heliocare video below if you want to know more.

Heliocare Advanced Gelcream Color, £28 at

Heliocare Advanced Gelcream Color Light SPF50 foundation sunscreen sun black face SPF 50


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