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Channel Phoebe from Friends with this new jewellery trend: midi rings

phoebe buffay rings midi rings

Remember how Phoebe Buffay always used to wear about a bajillion rings on her fingers, including some half way down her fingers? Did you ever wonder how they stayed there? I did. But I discovered the answer last weekend when I found something labelled a ‘midi ring’ in Topshop (Helen noticed this trend developing earlier this year – looks like it’s taking over the high street now).  These smaller than usual rings are intended to sit just about your knuckle, Phoebs-style, and they’re now all over the high street. Here are a few that I think our Phoebe would love. Altogether now, “Smelly cat, smelllly cat, what are they feeding you…”

Miniature flower midi ring, £5.50, Topshop

topshop miniature flower midi ring

Pernille Corydon plain and twist midi ring pack, £32 (reduced from £54),

asos pernille corydon plain twist midi ring pack

Skull midi ring, £2, River Island

river island skull midi ring

Zig zag midi ring, £6, Urban Outfitters

zig zag midi ring urban outfitters

Double heart midi ring, £2.40, Forever21

double heart midi ring forever21

Or you can get a whole bunch and go for a real finger party:  Mixed finger and midi ring pack, £10, Topshop

topshop midi rings


One comment on “Channel Phoebe from Friends with this new jewellery trend: midi rings

  1. sophiecha
    August 25, 2013

    genuinely just learned something new. I’m sure you could find some at the Capital Car Boot in Pimlico, there were so many. Just got back, have you been? Will do a quick blog now..

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