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Capital Carboot in Pimlico: all the ingredients for the perfect car boot sale


I hadn’t been to a car boot sale in years until this morning for one reason. They’re just too early. Since I joined the commuting classes on the 9-5 (OK, 10.07 – 18.00) Monday to Friday schedule, my love of weekend lie-ins has only become more passionate. So if I was listing the essential ingredients of my perfect car boot sale, No.1 would be a late start.

Ding ding ding! Capital Carboot in Pimlico doesn’t open to the public until 11.30am (though early birds can pay a fiver to go at 10.15) and it’s just £1 entry every Sunday. Not only that but it’s in a great venue at the Pimlico Academy. A teacher friend tells me it’s a very up and coming school but more importantly it’s five minutes walk from Pimlico station and really easy to get to from south of the river – within minutes you can see Vauxhall across the Thames.

Emma stall Capital Carboot sale Pimlico London Sundays

Next on my car boot list: there must be a healthy mixture of stalls you can make fun of (like the one we saw with weird dolls all over it), stalls with expensive stuff to fawn over but not buy (like vintage cologne bottles and fake Mulberrys) and stalls full of knick knacks, trinkets, jewellery, retro utensils and classic paperbacks that you’ll actually buy for £2 an item.

As you might be able to tell, Capital Carboot did pretty well in this respect though even after rummaging, the clothes selection did tend to let the side down.

grinder Capital Carboot sale Pimlico London

Two of my friends, Lily and Emma, had a stall this morning which I must say was probably the best all-rounder I saw for the young, female forager – mainly bags, belts, books and jewellery.

They paid £10 for a stall and £12 to hire a table and a clothes rail but by midday they’d already recouped this and were onto tidy profits. Indoor tables and actual car boot stalls cost more: all the prices are on the website though and you can chance it and “walk in” for cheap rates on the day.

vintage National Geographic magazines Capital Carboot sale Pimlico

Yes, I bought a few things from their stall (alarm clock for my flatmate, a crafts book all about making things out of duct tape for another friend and a calendar for me). But my best find was a bunch of old National Geographics from the 80s and 90s that Style & Then Some photographer Faraz will love. And they were only £1.

Capital Carboot is also pretty on it in terms of social media – if you tell them what will be on your stall when you book they will promote it on Facebook and Twitter. Plus their Twitter followers get a password for free entry every week at 11.30am. Amazing.

So, all in all it was pretty spot on with plenty of haggling, practising our sales patter and a sensible 2.30pm closing time. But my favourite thing from today? The old lady who told me a joke, inspired by a golf jacket: “When I came out of the hospital, the doctor told me I could play golf. I said, ‘that’s fantastic, I couldn’t play before.”

Capital Carboot is at the Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, SW1V 3AT every Sunday from 11.30am. Nearest tube: Pimlico. For more information, visit the website or Twitter page.


2 comments on “Capital Carboot in Pimlico: all the ingredients for the perfect car boot sale

  1. Helen Coakley
    August 28, 2013

    Ohhhh no idea this was a thing. I might actually go this Sunday!

  2. blondekatie
    September 1, 2013

    Excited about our trip next Sunday now!

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