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Can a four-week course help you kick your sugar addiction for good? Part 2

Last week, my friend Roxane Daemi started Mentor Me Off Sugar, a programme designed to alleviate sugar cravings through a 28-day detox and a series of personalised coaching sessions. For part two of this feature, I interviewed Roxane, a 27-year-old doctor who lives in south east London, to find out how she got on during week one of the month-long programme.

Check out part one, which describes how the programme works.

wedding cake

Cupcakes are strictly off-limits during the sugar detox

Katie: How did you find the Mentor Me Off Sugar pre-reading materials?

Roxane: The bit that I thought was really good was the science bit, explaining about fructose and the different types of sugar, it was easy to read. Then there’s a list of all the foods to definitely avoid, the ones that are really good and the ones in between. For example, bread isn’t great but you can eat it if you have to. Laura had some good tips like have almond butter on a rice cake as a snack instead of a biscuit.

How has the diet been so far, how has it changed your eating habits on an average day?

At the moment I don’t eat breakfast because I’m rushing for work. Then at work I’ll have a sandwich with no sugar in it for lunch. I’m not drinking diet fizzy drinks anymore, I drink water instead, and at dinner I won’t have any pudding afterwards. It’s cut out loads of sweets for me which feels really good.

Roxane is trialling the Mentor Me Off Sugar programme.

Roxane is trialling the Mentor Me Off Sugar programme.

Have there been times when it’s been hard to resist sweet foods?

Usually I eat sweet things when I’m feeling stressed or for energy so that’s been hard. So when I’m tired or work is difficult I’ve come close to breaking and having some chocolate, but so far I’ve resisted and stuck to it.

How has it been when you’ve eaten out?

Eating out actually hasn’t been that bad because you just have something savoury. And I just had a herbal tea instead of dessert.

Has anything surprised you about the diet?

I’ve been surprised to find out how much sugar is in certain foods that you wouldn’t think of, like bread and cous cous. Even plain natural yoghurt has got sugar added so you have to look for one without.

As a doctor, what do you think of the diet?

There’s a lot about eating fats and nuts as alternatives to sugar, so I thought maybe it overemphasised that a bit, without talking about how eating a lot of fat could cause high cholesterol. It’s important to have a balanced diet even when cutting out sugar.

Laura Thomas, the nutritionist behind Mentor Me Off Sugar

Laura Thomas of is the nutritionist behind Mentor Me Off Sugar

Have you lost any weight so far?

I’ve lost 1.5 kilos in a week, which I was surprised about because even though I’ve been cutting out sugar I’ve been eating a lot more fatty food, like cheese and butter, than usual.

Have you noticed a difference in your energy levels?

For the first three or four days I was really tired, I was going to bed hours earlier than usual, I think because I usually ate dessert which made me more awake in the evening. But now that’s passed.

What’s next in the diet plan?

Now that I’ve done the first week there’s no fruit allowed for the next two weeks. So I think this is going to be really hard!

Are you feeling optimistic?

I think after a week it’s too soon to tell but it’s actually made me realise my will power is stronger than I thought so I’m definitely going to keep trying.

Check back for part three next week. To find out more about Mentor Me Off Sugar visit


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  1. LFFL
    August 27, 2013

    I’m rooting for you all the way thru. No sugar would be hard for me to do.

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